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    Health or wealth?

    Well, just like you I am more into the path of choosing wealth. But I would want to really choose health but again, hard to be healthy if the wallet is empty. Although I am currently trying to be more healthy while doing my work and chasing money. :D
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    Yes, it was like saying that dreams will only came true if we will do things to make it happen. :) It is needed that there should be something done before getting the desired results. I also agree that it should be as soon as possible. :D
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    Would you like you if you met you?

    I think I would like myself if I met me. :P I could say that I am generally friendly and will just reject a friendship if there is really a valid reason just like if you are rude to me or rude to others.
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    Have You Ever Been To see A Psychic?

    I have never seek a psychic intentionally although when I meet someone telling he is somewhat psychic, I tried to ask some things regarding my future or what he or she might be seeing on me.
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    Does working longer hours actually improve our productivity?

    If someone is working for longer hours without proper breaks and proper conditions, that person will eventually decrease productivity and mistakes or accidents could be increased. I think someone should just work on right amount of hours depends on the kind of work and working conditions.
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    A woman’s place

    I also do not agree about the "submissive" thing. :P I believe more on the equality or partnership in a relationship. It was nice that there are men who are supportive on their women's career and not thinking they should be the boss.
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    Your Children and Video Games

    I do not have a child yet but I am also not in favor of video games especially at young age. I have seen some video addicts here and they start playing at very young age. Better to teach children how to engage on sports.
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    I think I could say that I do not have a frenemy. Maybe I have some still considered "friends" that I do not enjoy sharing time with since we have different likes or preferences just like where to dine. :P
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    3 Ways To Increase Health, Wealth & Happiness

    I like that "Eat better not less" ideology. :) Health is wealth and therefore eating better could make us have a better quality of life. It is also important that we know our priorities and we clearly know what our necessities.
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    How to get happy fast

    My pets (dog and cat) can also make me happy faster as I feel comforted with their presence. I also feel happy easily when eating my favorite foods and walking in a park.
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    What countries have you visited?

    I have not been in any countries yet since my focus is to visit first as much islands as possible here in the Philippines. I might travel on some Asian countries next year with some friends.
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    How Big Of A Role Does Spirituality Play In Your Life?

    Well, it has a big role in my life since my values are greatly or mainly influenced of my spiritual beliefs. It gives clear guidance on how should one treat life and treat others.
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    escaping home stress by work stress

    It was right that stresses from home could be heavier or more affecting than stresses at work. I wish you well and hope those stresses especially your home stresses are solved. It is really great to enjoy being at home in the company of your family or beloved.
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    The Habit of Daily Walking

    Nice that you have such will to do a daily activity. :) I also enjoy walking and would love to do that on a daily basis too as I want to have a healthier lifestyle. Also daily walking can relieve stress.
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    How do You Deal with Nay Sayers?

    I just ignore those nay sayers since usually they are the one who just believe what they want to believe and will just listen to words that they just want to listen. Words could only hurt if we allow it, I do not mind as long as they do not go below the belt. :D