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    Is a big wedding important to you?

    I agree Cecil what matters is the love the couple feels for one another. We felt we had nothing to prove to no one and kept our ceremony very simple. The money a big fancy wedding would have cost us was spent as our down payment on a new home. Money does not last forever, but love can!
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    What are your personal views or thoughts concerning Native American Indians Spirituality?

    I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me about this. Often times I feel so much hurt in my heart that our Native American Heritage is not acknowledged or appreciated. I do appreciate your kind words and thoughts. You have opened my eyes to see others do understand and see it for what...
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    Do you pray or meditate? How often?

    I agree you are using both meditation and prayer when making a connection to a higher power. Prayer is something positive you could do on a daily basis for yourself and others. Prayer and Meditation put your body in a tranquil mellow mood. I also seem to smile more afterwards it’s a completely...
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    Doing One Positive Thing Daily

    I agree with you praying is something positive you can do for yourself and others. What a wonderful way to acknowledge others and keep them in your thoughts. And there is something about prayer that makes the ones you’re praying for feel special. This is such a wonderful discussion I would love...
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    How Do You Avoid Showing Favoritism to One Child?

    Cecil given your situation I completely understand. I almost had a similar situation with in-laws concerning my oldest son. They quickly learned that it was not going to happen. You seem to be a mother who loves her children equally. Of course you are fonder of the second child he is the one...
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    Do you pray or meditate? How often?

    Personally to me there is no difference between meditation and praying. It is a combination of both. When I meditate I am seeking serenity to clear my thoughts. I then focus on speaking to the "Great Spirit” for the guidance and answers that I seek. This is a very special and private time of...
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    How Do You Avoid Showing Favoritism to One Child?

    I have observed favoritism in many families. This is also something that went on in my family as I was growing up. As a parent I I have tried to never show favoritism amongst my children. I have a golden rule If you cannot do for them all equally, then you do nothing at all for any...
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    Falling in love with a man who is incarcerated.

    I am curious to know your views on this subject? Is this a situation you could see yourself in? I have a friend who is married to her husband who has been incarcerated since the early 90's. His release date is not until 2019. They have been together since the age of 14. Also have three kids...
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    Your Favourite Inspirational Song?

    This song by Shania Twain "Today Is Your Day" You got what it takes you can win... You got what it takes you can win Today is your day to begin Don’t give up here, don't you quit The moment is now, this is it I know that you can, then you will Get to the top of the hill Part of the fun is the...
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    Doing One Positive Thing Daily

    I do feel this is a wonderful idea. Simple enough so you do not become overwhelmed. Nice idea to do something positive for yourself and others. The world would be a much better place if we all implemented this into our daily life. I am making a promise to myself that from this day forward, I...
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    What have you done today to make someones day better?

    I went shopping today, there was an elderly woman standing in the middle of the parking lot trying to locate her car. I felt great when she told me how much she appreciated me helping her locate it. Always keep a smile on your face. When you see someone in need take a moment of your time and...
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    personal growth

    You all make very great points. My last year has been overwhelming with change. I do feel I have had many epiphanies. I am a very positive person and have taken something positive away from each experience. I am a strong believer keep your energy positive.
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    Domestic Violence: A Virus

    Domestic violence I grew up with it in my home. I must say I am very blessed to have a husband who would never lay his hands on me. I do feel these women who are in these situations are scared and feel they have no way out. If I could say one thing to someone in this situation it would be get out!
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    Is a big wedding important to you?

    When I was a little girl I always dreamed about having a big wedding. When the time came for me to get married I realized it was more a fantasy than reality. I married in a small Chapel with a select few friends and family members. I enjoyed the day and the memories. There was also no stress...
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    What is the Ideal number of children for a family?

    The ideal number of children per family for me is three. I have raised three amazing children. I will be the first to admit; sometimes it has been a struggle. But my children know what it means to appreciate what they have been given. They also know what it means to work hard.