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    Incredible Work-Rate: Reach The TOP

    If you LOVE what you are DOING then TAKING ACTION becomes PLAY A WIN WIN if you ask me.
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    The most useful thing you have learned or experienced

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    What is millionaire mindset of you?

    I agree I Love That. The most important thing about having the millionaire mindset is that" it is not about the money" It is truly having the idea that is worth a million (or more) to you and the people around you. Also being in alignment with the One Source of Supply through a Positive...
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    What Books Are You Reading?

    Spiritual Genius-Winifred Gallagher Killing Patton-Bill O Reilly, Martin Dugard 11 Forgotten Laws (audio book)-Bob Proctor, Mary Morrisey The Science of Getting Rich- Wallace D Wattles If you haven't read: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dieing
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    What's YOUR Energy Boost?

    A good 6-8 hrs of sleep A cold shower, some grooming stuff right after waking up. A six minute exercise of pushups, situps, squats, and running in place A quick an easy to do list to give constructive thought towards the day And a silva meditation guide: AND YOU"RE ALL SET
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    What do you see/feel/hear during meditation?

    When I am in Prayer Meditation i do my best to completely silence my mind and concentrate wholly on my breathing, and imagine Pure, Divine, Nothingness for surely to be in state of Un-want is true Transcendent Bliss.
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    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    THE CHURCH is simply a systematic approach to come to terms with the divine, whether it be Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or any other such thing. God is the very force and substance of life in which everything is and will be. So yes it is very well possible to be of no denomination...