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    How close are you with your neighbors?

    I live in a city with a population of 175,000. I live in a rented house, with my wife. We rarely even talk with our neighbors. Once in a month or two, I visit my native village. There I usually interact with my neighbors to a good extent.
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    What is the Ideal number of children for a family?

    Your post is confusing. You are saying that you are having 7 children. And you think that it was a mistake. But at the same time you are saying that you love your kids more than anything in this world. If you love ypur kids so much, then why do you regret your decision?
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    Coffee can kill you! And, other food dangers

    Agreed. Lobbyists bribe researchers in order to increase the popularity of their own products. For me, drinking coffee carries very insignificant risks. I enjoy drinking coffee and I will continue to do it, no matter what these scientists say. :D
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    Ex husband is not involved in my kids lives

    Clauemi, you should understand his position as well. I know a lot of people who don't even give money to their kids, once they get their divorce. May be he is too engaged in his professional world. I hope you will soon find a way to sort this out peacefully.
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    Switching Religious Views

    I am Eastern Orthodox and slightly religious. But I am fiercely against proselytizing. I believe the money used for these activities should be diverted for charities and orphanages. Religious beliefs should not be forced upon anyone.
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    Milk - the complete food?

    Vitamin C is found only in fruits I think. Milk is as close we can get to a "complete" food. There is no other source even close to it. Off course you won't get 100% of the nutrients from it, but at least 90% is good enough for branding it as a complete food I think. For the remaining nutrients...
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    Do you still have time to exercise?

    On weekdays, I work from 9 AM to 7:30 PM. So there is too less time to do any meaningful physical exercise. However I go for swimming from 8:15 PM to 9:00 PM on alternate days. Hope that will do the trick for me.
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    Coffee can kill you! And, other food dangers

    How to make coffee less acidic? I am also having problems with acidity. I have never tried Green tea, as I don't like the taste that much. I am having a hard time right now trying to drink my daily coffee without sugar and milk!
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    Milk - the complete food?

    Normally I take 200 ml, but occasionally I skip it, so on average my daily consumption will be around 150 ml. Want to raise it further, but I am having some problems with acidity, so can't drink any more than 200 ml a day.
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    What is your view about Church Offering and Tithing

    Hmm... I was saying that 100% of my donations should go towards buying food and such things for poor children and families, not 5-6%. Not happens here in Russia, but I have read about some pastors in nations like Nigeria, who are having net assets well over $250 million, when most of their...
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    Taking Fish Oil

    I used to take a lot of fish oil when I was a kid. It contains a lot of Omega 3. The only thing we should remember while taking fish oil is that, sometimes it can contain large amount of toxic mercury. So make sure to buy it from reliable pharmacies who filter the fish oil.
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    Tips on drinking more water

    One of my friends (originally from Russia), went to Australia for a job. In Russia we are not used to drinking large quantities of water, especially since the climate is very cold. I told him to take care of that and drink extra water. But he told me that his workplace is very remote and...
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    How did you cope up with losing a loved-one?

    Seven years ago, my grandfather died. He was very close to me and his death was really devastating. It took almost a month for me to get back to normal things. I think I am not someone who can cope with the loss of relatives that quickly.
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    Do you believe in the story of Adam & Eve?

    That is simply blindly rejecting the science and showing religious extremism. Evolution theory has nothing to do with spirituality. Darwin just says that human beings evolved out of primates. Does he gives an explanation for the evolution of primates? Theory of evolution doesn't say that all the...
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    Do you believe in the story of Adam & Eve?

    I am not an atheist. But I don't believe in the story of Adam and Eve. I believe in the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin rather than believing in creationism. I don't think it is unusual for religious people to believe in evolution rather than creationism.