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    What's your worst depression?

    Hello Robert, I welcome you to this meeting of minds. Would it be possible for you to elaborate on how your present mind state has come about, a bit more about the background of your present mental state I believe would elicit more of us attempting to give our viewpoints on your present state...
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    Hi there I am Melinda

    Welcome Minz, I'm quite certain you will learn something positive here.
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    What do you do when you have not achieved your goals by the deadline you set

    Hello Ese Some goals we set don't get accomplished for many reasons including: 1. We've expended our self motivation, our determination in reaching other goals. We have become emotionally drained of these emotive forces that push us to move forward. Sometimes when this happens we convince...
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    My Sources Of Understanding Myself

    I agree. Mick hope you're well. I too am in the process of finding work. I know the feeling. Concerning your question. I thought Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good And Evil was a good philosophical book. It's been a long time since I read it but I remember it being a very deep book going into...
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    My Sources Of Understanding Myself

    [You must be your own light. This is what J Krishnamurti taught. People who are life coaches, people who call themselves spiritual teachers are no different than anyone else you encounter that shows you something that has made a positive impression in your life.] Taking the time to...
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    Mall Walking Therapy

    Lately I've been mall walking as a way to get a bit of exercise and get out of the house. Recently during one of my walks as I threaded my way through the crowds the thought came to me that mall walking can be a good way to battle impatience and anger flareups. Think about it. You have to...
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    I want to transition from overwhelmingly negative to overwhelmingly positive

    Hello Justin I think you should continue doing many of the things you're doing right now, learning as much as you can about ways you can deal with autism spectrum disorder, being a recovering addict and being bipolar. Definitely do not start doing drugs again. I think right now that is the...
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    Help with work

    I agree with Todd. I think if you follow his plan of action you'll slowly move into a better state of mind and life environment. Barry you realize and have identified your problems and you must put emotional force, a strong will behind your efforts to get better. There not being much...
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    How To Be Confident In An Interview - 3 Tips for 2018

    Very good point DreamLifeRules. I had an interview yesterday and I was definitely paying attention to my body language, sitting up straight, not crossing my legs or arms. You have to realize and take advantage of the fact that the people that are interviewing you are reading your body...
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    Achieving multiple goals

    I would definitely prioritize them first and then try and attain reach as many as you can in a focused and driven manner. Don't try to bite off more than you can chew.
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    My daughter is growing up too fast.

    Your desire to see your daughter for Thanksgiving is understandable and from reading your post you do understand that she's beginning her journey into the world in an effort to become a self supporting adult and she's not gonna be in touch with you as much as in the past. I think her wanting to...
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    Some ideas on developing the Self/Observer/Objective "you"

    I applaud everyone in this thread, its a very important topic and the world of men and women would be a much better place if more of us were self observant and more often. If more of us would question our behavior. Not just observe but question the usefulness of certain thoughts and emotions...
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    When I'm with her I feel high, without her I feel low

    I remember the first woman I fell in love with, I was 22 and she was 39 and very sexy but spoiled. Nonetheless having never been in love before I was mentally blown away. Our time apart had me filled with anxiety and not really being in the moment, not really there 100%. Our attraction for...
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    When I'm with her I feel high, without her I feel low

    One of your issues, those feelings of apprehension about getting married I think is very normal, something that everyone goes through. Your other issue, becoming morose when you're not around her is normal as well and its happening because you and your fiance make each other happy and you two...
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    What is Personal Development?

    What I would tell him. Don't get caught up in drugs and alcohol, be more diligent in saving and investing your money and don't lose sight of the fact that life all by its self is a special thing and there's no need to get caught up in acquiring this and that to make you happy. Hell there's a...