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    Tube Buddy SEO guide!!!

    Hello today I wanted to share with you some tips on SEO and YouTube, because we know that social media presence this day is necessary for your brand so here are some tips! To make sure that your video is seen around you need to first search for a title, seriously, before even writing the script...
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    What do you do when you have not achieved your goals by the deadline you set

    It may sound strange but I don't set goals, I have a dream, to live on my owm terms and so everyday I work towards that dream, I don't like to set goals because most of the time I can't reach them because I have to study and then I get frustrated, so it works much more for me to work and make...
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    What Books Are You Reading?

    Hello in my life I've never liked reading but now I read almost everyday, I read 1- rich dad poor dad by robert kiosaki, 2- what is eveybody saying by joe navarro, I'm currently reading 1- how to win friends and influence people by dale carnegie 2- think and grow rich by napoleon hill I'm...
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    What motivates you to get up and pursue you dreams?

    I liked your post so much, If I succeed I always thought like you of helping my family and making them live without working becuase they have been great with me and I want to give back ten times more! It would be great to get in touch and have a little chat sometimes, I hope people really...
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    Think and Grow Rich; stuck on #2

    Hello I'm also reading think and grow rich, but I no way near your page... but you know sometimes all we have to do to find our passion is to get out of the comfort zone, one sunday go for a jog, the other go rafting, another day do karate, read other books, maybe you give excellent reviews, try...
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    Stay positive always, no matter what!

    I really think that staying positive in life is the only way to success, becuase when you are negative most of the times you think it's going to fail and you don't take action and wait for a better idea or a better opportunity that usually never comes. So I adopted the mindset of "everything...
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    Finding your purpose. How to.

    Really enjoyed the post! These are 5 good steps to find your passion and purpose and to makesure that you find a job that you would do for free! Hope to see more posts of yours!
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    What motivates you to get up and pursue you dreams?

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this forum, I've already seen a lot of cool and interesting people over here! I wanted to know what reasons make you push forward no matter the situation =) My reason to push forward is doubters, all my friends and family tell me that I'll never make it...