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    Your Favourite Inspirational Song?

    Question: What's your favourite inspirational song? Which inspirational song is it that gets you really inspired/motivated about things? Me.. There are many, but my favourite would probably have to be Waiting Outside the Lines by Greyson Chance. "You'll never enjoy your life, living inside the...
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    I feel inspired. :D

    I feel inspired. :D
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    Handle Criticism

    Great question you raised there, my friend. To be honest, I don't handle criticism too well. Maybe that's just a weakness of me.. I'm not sure. But generally, I don't think most people handle criticism well - what they want is appreciation for their work. I always welcome constructive...
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    Religious Differences in Relationship

    I agree with speedy. What they said is quite an accurate answer to your question if you're looking for a general answer. Let me share my personal experience with you. My ex was a Muslim and I'm ..well, agnostic but from a very Hindu background. We never had a problem because of difference in...
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    Achieving Business Success - The Steps

    I'm really glad I could help. Going to start your own business later? Exciting! :D I suggest you imprint the steps I wrote, in your mind and not EVER forget them. The truth is, we mostly know deep down what needs to be done. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded. So, be sure to read it again as...
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    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    Interesting question. I'm a teenager, so I can very well explain this issue from a perspective of a teenager like me. Here goes. The answer is actually very subjective. It depends on some factors, like how confused is the teenager.. Ultimately, it has to be the choice of the teenager, BUT...
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    How Strong Is Your Faith?

    That is a good question. Lemme magnify my point there. You see, I've started feeling that some of the mysteries of Universe simply can't be solved by us humans. I mean, look at Earth.. Comparing Earth with Solar System, we feel we're SO small..Compare Solar System with our galaxy and we feel the...
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    Does age matter?

    Age doesn't matter. Not to me, at least. Let me surprise you a little. I'm a 16 years old (almost 17) and I was in a healthy relationship with a girl 8 years older than me. She's 24. Well, yeah.. the relationship didn't work but the reason for its failure wasn't exactly the age difference. One...
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    How Strong Is Your Faith?

    I believe there is a supernatural higher power, which I guess you can call "God". I don't use the term "God", though.. Simply because it's largely abused. I'm not tied to any particular religion. I guess I'm an agnostic. As for how strong my faith is... I'm not too sure. I never pray. I just...
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    What inspires YOU?

    What is it that makes you feel inspired about different things? Can be anything - Studying, dieting, working, etc. As for me.. I usually get inspired when I start analyzing the benefits I'll get by doing the task. Most of the times, that does the trick. I'm interested in knowing what is it that...
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    How Do You Balance Your Life

    Well, I work on my career-related objectives. In the evening, I generally go out with friends and just hang around.. you know, waste time. I'm also kinda addicted to watching TV shows. I think lately my balance has been disturbed, and I need to spend a little more time on my career-related...
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    Achieving Business Success - The Steps

    Hi guys. This is my first post on I'm not sure if a similar thread has been posted before, if so, sorry. Anyhow, I'm going to write down the steps which, I believe, one needs to follow in order to succeed in any business objective. Set a SPECIFIC Purpose Setting a...
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    I just wish it wasn't so hot right now.

    I just wish it wasn't so hot right now.