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    The Secret in Think and Grow Rich?

    I feel as though your attitude is a big part of your success. If you believe you can achieve big things, you will be more likely to perform the actions to get you to the mountain top. Attitude is key.
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    How to Eat right, Move more and Sleep better

    Another great book is "Sleep Smarter" by Shawn Stevenson. In the book he gives some great tips on how to get more sleep and maximize your recovery while you are asleep. Awesome read and I highly recommend it. Raphael
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    S.M.A.R.T Goals - How to set and achieve BIG goals

    Emily works for a non-profit organization in Washington DC. She’s been with the company for 3 years and has started to make some strides in her progress. Since it’s the New Year, Emily wants to set some lofty goals for herself and feels that she can accomplish anything she sets his mind to...
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    How Incredibly Successful People THINK

    I would say being positive is one of the most important traits successful people posses.
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    What morning rituals do you have?

    Exercise is an awesome morning routine. I love starting off my day by breaking a sweat.:)
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    Best way to get motivated is to read Inspirational Thoughts

    I find motivation in other people's success stories. I love to read biographies of the greats and see the struggles they went through in order to accomplish their goals. It makes me feel that if I persist I can accomplish anything. Raphael
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    10 Keys for a Good Relationship

    Hey guys, I would add that enjoying your lovers company is near the top of the list. I have had relationships in the past where the relationship has fizzled out because we realized that we didn't have a whole lot in common. In my current relationship I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend and...
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    A Quick Survey

    Hey MatTaNg, 1) I think the most important topic of self development is "developing great habits over time". 2) Learning how to develop great habits will help you automatically grow your life and potential over time. 3) I have found it somewhat difficult to find good information on the topic...
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    A focused job search can make the difference

    When looking for jobs in today's market, its important to expand your presence on social media. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that when used effectively can amplify your exposure to hiring manager. I talk about how to build an effective LinkedIn page in my article titled "6 steps to an all-star...
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    Here are my favorite ideas from "A Philosopher's Notes" by Brian Johnson!

    I'm a big fan of Brian Johnson's Philosophers Notes YouTube channel. He offers awesome book summaries and takeaways that have helped me change my life for the better. Good to see that you are using his messages to create a YouTube message of your own! Keep it up! Raphael
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    What morning rituals do you have?

    Thanks for sharing Cynthia. Spiritual time is definitely an important part of living a balanced life.
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    [Help] My lack of self-confidence is running my life and killing my business

    You should look into joining Toastmasters. It's a great organization that helps you improve your public speaking skills. I started going this year and have noticed a significant improvement in my confidence and presence in front of people. I highly recommend it. Raphael
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    What morning rituals do you have?

    Hey guys, What morning rituals do you have? I'm a firm believer that having a productive morning sets you up for success in the rest of your day. Some of my morning rituals include: 1) Meditation 2) Reading 3) Writing for my blog 4) Body weight exercise routine 5) Writing down my goals I...
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    What Starts And Keeps You Motivated?

    I usually get motivated when I set a goal related to something I'm passionate about. When I write the goal down it gets my creativity juices flowing and I begin to think of ways to achieve that goal. Staying motivated is the biggest challenge. It requires daily advancement towards that goal...