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    Sexually perverted? / Unable to commit

    Good advice bro!
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    Sexually perverted? / Unable to commit

    Lol, you sound very familiar my friend! I think all of us have felt the way you feel, maybe not on the same subject but the feeling of craving validation in this life is common, and all of us one stage or another have Googled Personal Development or Law of attraction in search to...
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    Thats kool man, I love the way you worded that! I agree
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    Know When To Quit

    I truly believe so, i think if you have or need to quit something then there is your answer... otherwise why quit it?? :) Kool question
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    Why Most People Fail

    Attitude and Gratitude, We nee to quit looking for what's wrong in every situation and start looking at what's right! Its not failing its finding how to achieve....We get more of what we focus on, if we apply those ways of thinking to all aspects of our daily lives, you cant help but gain...
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    What is Personal Development?

    G'day Guys, my name is Steve and I'm from Australia.......... about 2 years ago i went through a " bricks and Mortar" business going into liquidation, in short, everything gone, house, cars, wife, business, the lot and just rub it in-personal Bankruptcy as i was the sole director... So when i...
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    Posting rules

    Gday MSuccess, I am a very new member and very new to forums, I have a mentor that has given me the heads up in a video as to how to act and behave in these types of forums this is the first one i have joined and I'm looking forward to participate and add value. Good on ya mate....Steve