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    My personal journey - depression to being powerful

    Thank you Denydritz, i appreciate you. thats pretty awesome you moved on within 2 weeks, i found it extremely hard to which is why it took me that long! just like you, i later realised aswell if it was easy for her to throw the relationship away then how is it special? you are absolutely...
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    My personal journey - depression to being powerful

    Hey all so here is my story to personal developement: Im a 25yr old male and i suffered from a surprise breakup which came out of the blue and something i never expected to happen. It was my 2nd heartbreak but this one hit me the most...maybe because i am more older and actually knew what love...
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    Hey everyone! Pleasure to be on here and meet you all :-)

    Hey everyone! hope all is well? just a quick intro of myself, i am 25 years old from London, England on my self development journey for the past 1 year to become the best version of myself. i tend to appreciate my free time in researching via blogs, YouTube and website on how i can become the...