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    3 ways to boost your confidence

    Great insight.. I love books!! and I have been meditating for many years already, I must say that I feel far better than before and help me up my confidence!
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    The Best Personal Development Concept(for me)

    For me its honesty! yes mindfulness really help a lot. But living a honest life will give you the best feeling ever!! that you don't have to feel any hesitation on your decision making.
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    The Art of Being You

    I agree with you broken!! the fact that we are all individuals who just need to figure it out, I believe that our job while we are here on earth is to be good being ourselves.
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    Motivation for success

    For me self-motivation is very important to gain success! because if we don’t become self-directing, then we don’t meet with success. And yes, being honest really has something to do to become successful in life.
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    Great day everyone!!

    Hi guys, I am lorraine a life coach that's promote and share the teaching focuses about self-improvement, I am glad to joined in this wonderful community to gain more ideas and share my thoughts to everyone. For we all know that this is one of the most complex issues we are taking on that it...