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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    Shared maternity leave, paid. :D Not offended in the least. Hence the smilies. I was mildly surprised to see someone who's young and thinks women stay at home to look after the children, that's all. Not because it's your preference (which is fine - several of my sisters-in-law feel exactly...
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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    You're in the wrong part of the real world. Where I am, the work is shared between the parents (unless the couple still thinks it's the 1950s). Emancipation FTW. :D
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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    I don't think that's odd at all. What I find odd is that you think that women "mainly have to stay at home and look after the baby". :eek:
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    Focus more on being happy

    If he's a NYT bestselling author, it shouldn't be hard. Do the same thing he did for the bestseller. :) More seriously, there are hundreds of ways to promote a book - more than there's room for here. As for being happy... I firmly believe happiness is a choice, not some kind of...
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    Hope for the best...

    ...but plan for the worst. I've been using this approach to most things for several years now and I have to say it's very effective. Fortunately for me, I'm naturally optimistic but also a bit paranoid (long story), so both parts are quite easy for me. The odd thing is that, no matter how...
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    Killing time vs filling every minute with productivity

    Totally off-topic but that's a GREAT signature line. Love it!
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    Do you attempt to convert others?

    ^ This. Evangelism, proselytising or whatever you want to call it is - quite simply - the worst thing any religious person can do. Well, apart from starting crusades, performing genocide and that sort of thing... It's invasive, it shows no respect for the other person's beliefs and, to be...
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    problem with sister in law- i feel used

    As msuccess says, it's natural to feel hurt but, from another point of view, you're Catholic. They're Methodist... why would they ask a Catholic to be a godparent, assuming they want their child to grow up in the same faith? I know it's just two branches of the same thing but they're really very...
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    What is your concept on the after-life?

    Did you ever watch Babylon 5? There's a moment in that where G'kar explains the First Ones to Sinclair's lady after she's been out surveying a world and gets buzzed by a massive, indescribable thing. He uses an ant as an analogy as well - perhaps you remembered that somewhere in your...
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    Obesity Still Raging All Over

    As a bit of an aside, I wonder if the increase in obesity is also because of changing social standards: fifty years ago, women whose thighs touched weren't considered fat, for example. The absence of washboard abs was not considered "unfit". And so on. While it's obvious that there are a lot...
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    How I stopped smoking

    I looked into these things when I got bored of all the advertising spam surrounding them and figured I should find out what they were. Of course, by that time I'd already given up smoking, so it was a bit late to actually use them... but I did discover that they would probably not have worked...
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    Happiness is a journey quote

    I always liked the quote from Aeschylus: "Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times." I honestly believe that we can choose to be happy, rather than letting life beat us down, but it's definitely a choice that requires effort. You can't just expect everything to line up and make...
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    Does age matter?

    I'd always said that age doesn't matter in love... but then, like most people, I'd never really considered it. That is, until a friend started dating someone nine years younger than him. Nine years? No big deal, right? Yeah... but he was 23. She was 14. When something like that happens with...
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    Which Cartoon Character Would You Date?

    Given that I'm engaged, I'd have to choose someone neutral. But even without that in mind, I think I'd enjoy an evening with Peter Parker's (Spiderman's) Aunt May. She's a lovely lady and I bet she'd be wonderful company over dinner. And no, there's no bizarre erotic undertone there, Sifu...
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    Are there distinct clues that someone wants to split up?

    The biggest clue - seriously, THE biggest - a guy can give you that it's over is the "sullen silence". He'll go all moody and wait for you to ask what's wrong. Then he'll avoid the question completely. The idea is to make himself so annoying and unattractive that you break up with him, so he...