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    Smile A Lot

    It is amazing how fast a bad mood can change to a good mood by doing one simple thing and that is smiling. I think that more people need to smile and say hello to each other when they are walking down the street and the world would be a better place.
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    Are We In For Another Round of Recession?

    It certainly doesn't look good. I am personally preparing physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally for difficult times ahead. Being prepared with some extra money and extra food is a great way to have piece of mind. A while back we were struggling financially, We had some extra food...
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    What do you do when you and your spouse don't agree?

    Raising children is difficult, and it is so nice when you and your spouse are on the same page, but there are times when you have different ideas. What do you do in these situations?
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    What inspires you to be positive?

    What inspires me to think positive? People who are positive are always happy, and that motivates me to change my attitude. There have been times where I thought that I was in the worst situation and all I did was complain and feel sorry for myself, but then I talked to someone in a much worse...
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    Is your spouse your best friend?

    I have my girlfriends, but I would have to say that my husband is my best friend. There are some people who do not see their spouse as their best friend, but have others that fill that role. Is your spouse your best friend? Why or why not?
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    Your inner dialog

    My inner dialog has caused me all kinds of problems. I find that too often I am either telling my self that I can do something that is way out of my area of expertise, talent or ability, and then when I try do it in reality I fail. My inner voice is very critical of everything that I do. I know...
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    I have a question about looking for a new job.

    Thanks, this was very helpful.
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    I have a question about looking for a new job.

    I agree, But I would like the companies that I am applying for to know what kind of a worker I have been. How do I do this without letting my boss know I am looking for another job?
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    I have a question about looking for a new job.

    I am currently working, but my job does not pay enough money. I am going to start looking for a new job. Should I tell my current boss that I am looking for a new job or should I keep quiet about it? I
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    What is your view about Church Offering and Tithing

    I have always paid my tithing not only for blessing that I will receive from paying it, but for the blessings that I already have. In my opinion, if everyone started paying tithing the economic troubles would go away.
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    Can you really learn to live with disappointment?

    Disappointments will always be a part of life. How we deal with them will make all the difference. I believe that every experience good or bad will help me grow and become a better person. If I look at it with that perspective then there are no bad experiences, only learning experiences...
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    What have you done today to make someones day better?

    Today, I am making homemade muffins for my daughter and her friend who spent the night. Forgetting about yourself and thinking of others is one of the best ways to truly be happy.
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    How do you relax or have fun?

    I relax by reading and taking bubble baths. I also find that playing the piano and writing music is relaxing. Walking with a friend or by myself is another thing that I like to do to relax. Eating my favorite dessert and enjoying every mouth full is one of my most preferred methods.
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    Taking Fish Oil

    My husband has high triglycerides and he was told the same thing about fish oil. He has been taking it, but I don't know if his triglycerides have been lowered. He was also told to lose weight. He has been doing that, so maybe the combination of the two things with end up being helpful.
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    Home-Based Ab Exercises

    I watched the video. It looks like a routine that will produce results, if you add eating right and a good cardio program. It reminds me of the Ab ripper on my p90x routine. I had nice abs about a year ago when I was more active. I need to get back in shape. This video has motivated me...