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    How to keep healthy?

    Sleeping around 1 - 2 am is too late, let alone 5 am. For me it sounds like your body clock has been disturbed though i can understand the time difference between your hubby and you. You should learn to adjust yourself. Love is important and health is also very important.;)
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    Water is important to us!

    Do you know water plays a very important role in our health? How much water can you drink in a day? In general, doctors recommend 8 or 9 cups. I drink a lot of water, especially tea in the office to make sure my body is not lack of water. You should not drink water when you feel thirsty; you...
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    How to keep healthy?

    Yes, you should have good sleeping habit. Dont go to bed too late. Once you can sleep well your skin texture can be improved too. It works better than any kind of cosmetics. I need to do something to improve my sleeping quality too.
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    why reading?

    Reading can make us smart. Reading can open up new world to us and enrich our lives. Reading can enhance our social skills. You can benefit a lot from reading; there is no reason for you not to read. I believe reading is a good way to enhance your self-improvement. Do you often read books?
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    How to develop patience?

    I think i am very impatient, especially with children. I could lose my temper easily for a very small thing :(. After that i might regret for what i have done, but what have done is done you know. Just wondering how i can develop my patience? Should i count numbers before i lose my temper? Sigh...
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    What makes a good employee?

    Very well said. Besides what you said there are still a couple of points need to be paid attention to, and i think its applicable to each of us who works in a company: - Dont be late for work. You should come 10 or 15 minutes earlier before the work starts - Work with enthusiasm. Employers like...
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    What exercise do you do to keep healthy?

    I like jogging, rope-skipping, hola hoop, and sit-ups and i do these kind of things a lot. I also like playing badminton but i need to practice more before i can do it well. What exercises do you choose to build up your body?
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    How to keep healthy?

    I also think enough sleep is very important for human beings to keep healthy. However, oversleeping wont work in the opposite. Sleeping 7 -8 hours for adults would be enough. Once i heard if you sleep more than 11 hours a day it is as worse as you sleep less than 5 hours a day which is very...
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    What makes a good employee?

    All of us want to be appreciated by our employers (if we have). A good relationship with your boss is very important for your career. Besides you must own the real ability to fit in your job. I would like to know more about it. What do you think can make a good employee? :)
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    How to keep healthy?

    Health includes physical health and mental health. People cant live a happy life without both of them. As for the physical health i think doing exercise is a good way to keep it while for mental health, good communication can help devolop it.
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    How to keep healthy?

    Health is very important to each of us, but how can we keep healthy? I think besides the balanced eating habit, exercise is also very important. The regular health check up is also needed. Whats your tips to keep healthy?
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    How to Handle Loneliness

    Make more friends and go out to take more activities. Find someone to talk to whenever you want to. Parents will be your listeners, forever!