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    Question for the liesurely readers out there!

    Hello again Sergio! First off, I will admit I am not a good benchmark! I am an ultra-marathoner of books. I have read thousands throughout my life. Most of my friends take a week or more to read a small book, so that is probably a better bookmark. Remember, start small and finish strong :) It...
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    Finding yourself again!

    Find what resonates with you, be aware that while we are simple creatures at heart, our ways of expressing ourselves can be complex. Each person looks at the world in their own way, it can be a shattered mirror of perception with every mirror shard showing a different reality to who sees it. We...
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    Enhancing your important qualities

    So many ways to interpret that question :) My opinion is to be goal AND journey oriented. There are lots of ways to achieve a goal, indeed there are lots of ways to PERCIEVE a goal. Classic example, someone wants to become wealthy. They could choose to go the typical self-run business 80...
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    Enhancing your important qualities

    Indeed. Tis most fun to see where discussions can go Queue!
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    Sharpen Your Focus Using the Pomodoro Technique

    I was looking through the threads and found "Sharpen your focus using the tomato technique" Huh? (I know a bit of Italian and pomodoro=tomato) I read your post Kevin and went Ohhh that makes sense! It's a really good idea. (Plus the tomato shaped timer is cute) I do something similar without...
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    The Importance of Persistence and Perseverance

    I was reading one of the other threads on this forum It shows how the #1 trait entrepreneurs and classically successful people believe that causes success is Perseverance. Luck is actually at...
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    The Nirvana Fallacy

    I do the best I can. I am aware I am not perfect, nor are my solutions so I simply provide to the world the best of my ability. For group solutions it's a tad more tricky, people can be stubborn and attached to their own beliefs so giving guidance can be akin to smashing ones head against a...
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    I have a hard time getting things done...

    Hi Marcus, same age as me 21 :) I think you will find this video helpful HACK YOUR MIND - Jim Kwik on Procrastination and Habits
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    How do I find out who I am?

    Hello Will To Improve, I've suffered depression too. You may feel like your problems aren't very important, but to you they are. I found this video a huge help for dealing with depression and rejection, I know it has helped many others as well. Remember, a broken finger may not seem as...
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    Self development guide for men - The Modern Mans Guide

    Hi you might enjoy this book Who Stole My Spear?: How to Be a Man in the 21st Century by Tim Samuels I found it quite an interesting read myself!
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    The Best Habit that you can have is?

    Fiction novels are a great way to enhance your creativity and visual skills, done right you can almost play movies in your head ;) My most important habit would be keeping track of who I want to be. As I get older my perception of myself and what I can accomplish in this life changes, so every...
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    What is the Measure of a Person?

    Am I comfortable being measured? Sure, everyone will interpret the results they see differently anyway, so I am a dozen different people to the people that know me. In the end we can be ourselves, because everyone will have their own opinion on who we are different from everyone else. One of...
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    i found a problem that is hindering my growth

    I come from Australia, which is a very multi-cultural place. You visit a friends house to have lunch and hear them discussing their beliefs in a passionate manner explaining why they are right and everyone else is wrong. You visit someone else for dinner and you may hear someone from a...
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    Enhancing your important qualities

    Interesting post Queue For me I'd find Self Image to be the most important one out of those. The world can think you are many different people depending on how they perceive you, however only you know how you perceive yourself. There are people with a negative self-image and dislike of...
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    Please allow me to introduce myself.

    I am so glad to hear it helped you. Feel free to PM with your results, I am looking forward to it. Here is her website Contact Us page You could ask if they have any sessions for dealing with deep trauma, I hope they do. With the next video you watch fingers...