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    Is watching porn a threat to human personality?

    It's a really good point Sushanta Kashyap but here i am taking about addiction to porn. A desire that doesn't end no matter how many one has watched, no matter if one is in a relationship. I came across an article "Pornography a road to hell" and then i thought to discuss this here.
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    Is watching porn a threat to human personality?

    At some age most of the people are addicted to watch porn some get over it early, some take time and some enjoy it for life as some secrete activity. Is watching porn can change someone's thinking about the word outside screen? or it is just an activity of entertainment? Well i think it can...
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    Is It Possible To Always Be Happy? – Finding True Happiness

    I wanna see a person who is always happy. If one says one got happiness for eternity then one is lying if not then one his crazy. Happiness has its meaning because of sadness one value it because of sadness and one desires it because of sadness. So if you are sad because of failure and if you...