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    If They Can Do It, I Can Do It! The Power Of Personal Development

    That was a quote I really like. For some it looks like a cliche and ''ABC'', but if we take a close look to it, we will see how powerful the quote is. It teaches us that people who have gotten success are not robots, machines or persons with special genes, they are human beings exactly like all...
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    It's Easier To Succeed Than To Fail

    Maybe you thought that I wrote my title incorrectly.. I did not.. You see, our natural instinct as humans beings is to win. We have been born to win in life. We have come to this world to be free, to be winners, to succeed When we are kids we don't understand the words ; ''You're not allowed''...
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    Build a powerful Character MINDSET with Greg Plitt

    Wow. That video is powerful my friend!. It's absolutely true. The top of a mountain is lonely and the bottom is crowded. People are not willing to go beyond the common and normal way of thinking. Successs takes preparation mentally and physically. Success is like a person looking for a new...
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    How to Build Self Confidence

    Self-confidence is built by knowing yourself deeply. That's called ''self-awareness''. Reading positive book and listening to podcasts or audios about Success, Personal Development or Personal Power. All ths will make you meet and know youself. You will be aware of your skills and potential!
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    How to be a Money Magnet!

    Money is gonna come to you when you follow and learn the rules of money. I also learnt from Jim Rohn that money does not far exceed Personal Development. ''Unless you grow how you are, you'll always have what you got'' . It is why we have to get ready to attract money. Money won't stay on the...
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    What Books Have Inspired You To Succeed?

    Hello there, Today I wanna mention the books that have lead me to have a mental metamorphosis in my life. These books are advisable to read for every people. And most importantly are Life-Chaning. I constantly read, but I wanna share 5 books that have meant a lot for me: 1-How To Win...
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    Your Mind Is Limitless, Why?

    Hello my friends This video is gonna shake you up. Just empowering! Your mind has no limitations, which means that your possibilities have no limitations either. Watch it Here!. Discover the huge potential within yourself Samuel Rosario
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    How to Have More Belief in Yourself!

    I always hear Gary Vaynerchuk speaking about the fact of ''Self-awarness''. We must know ourselves deeply in order to know what we are capable of, you're gonna know your strength, your skills and also your flaws. That's gonna increase you self-confidence because you're gonna be sure of what...
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    Setting Goals For Success!

    I personally love this topic. You see, there's a connection between our hands and our mind, which means that what you write with your hands, your mind takes it as serious and will push you to do it!. That is why we must have our golas in writing!
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    Developing Your Self-Confidence!

    We have come to this world to win. It's like you say, along the way people start losing that confidence and desire to win. But our natural instinct as human beings is succeeding. There's a quote I once heard that says: ''It's easier to win than to fail''. It is because, our natural instinct is...
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    I want to share something

    Wow. Congratulation my friend!. Brendon Burchard is one of the new shiny faces of the Personal Development industry. He's great!
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    Your definition of a wise person (wisdom)

    A wise person is somebody with results, somebody who have gone through what he tells you. A wise person is somebody who doesn't follow the crowd, who has habits of success and then teaches them to people!.
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    Rich People Don't Complain

    Hello my friends, Today I wanna share with you this powerful video We all need to understand that we have to take full responsabilities of our lives. 95% of people complain and ascribe their lack of success to something else rather than themselves Watch this awesome video where 3 wealthy...
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    How to Be a Happy Person!

    I think we become very happy, among other things, when we are pursuing something big. Actully in order to be successful we must be happy first. Many people think that they will be happy when they achieve that goal they are pursuing, but it is totally the opposite, we must have a big goal and big...
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    I think reading personal development books will put you up in another level of awareness and also getting away from the news can be very good, I'm not saying that you don't have to get informed, I'm saying that following the news too much will make you see how terrible and horrible the world...