Rinat Saber

About me?

I hate these things because I think I'm supposed to talk about myself in third person. So I'm just going to speak to you directly.

My name is Rinat and I'm from Kazakhstan. It's a country in Central Asia, I'm sure you've never heard of it. LOL

You have? Well then that would put you in the 5% of the initiated. LOL jk, but seriously...

If you haven't then you may have seen the movie Borat by Sasha Barencoen. That's the guy that makes fun of my country. So, I'm on a personal mission to correct the misconceptions. LOL

I got into personal development because my religion wasn't working. I earned my Masters in Divinity at Andrews Theological Seminary in 2015 but, during my studies I fell into depression, which drove me to look for fulfillment.

Since then I became a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner trained by the co-founder himself, Dr. Richard Bandler.

I now coach and do what I love by providing people with resources that give them power over their lives.

This is why I founded The Power Press, a non-fiction publishing company that helps people in four key areas of life: health, wealth, love, and happiness.

If your into reading books that help you in those four areas check out The Power Press Book Club, I do some free giveaways that you may like.

HERE ==> https://fourpoint.leadpages.co/book-club-opt-in/

Anyway, enough about me, let's add some massive value.

November 2
Director of Distributions


Join The Power Press Book Club HERE to gain control over your health, wealth, relationships & happiness.


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