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    How to form new habits, making my life more organised?

    Hey there, I write about procrastination and motivation on my page, but I think I can give you some healthy advice. before I had problems waking up, I loved sleeping in 9 hours now I can function with 6.5 and I am looking to achieve just 6 hours or 5 like most super successful people. Here’s...
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    Success Principles Survey Results

    I think in my humble opinion success is growing emotionally, spiritually, finding your gift, developing it and sharing it with the world to make them feel significant. I like the survey results, definitely the part of failing 5x until you finally succeed. I am on my 3rd attempt and have been...
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    i found a problem that is hindering my growth

    I don’t know if I carry the best advice for you but as a clinician I have seen over the years many people with different norms, beliefs, customs and ways of thinking. How Have I survived not getting angry because I will tell you I have come across many with odd ways of seeing life and living it...
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    What is the Measure of a Person?

    This is a great question. The best answer I can think of is speaking from a clinical psychotherapist perspective, I like putting smiles on other people’s face after doing a great therapy session. I like to inspire people. So, I would say one’s measure is by the amount of smiles he produces on...
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    Self development guide for men - The Modern Mans Guide

    Good blog Ollie looks like you’re starting. I write about self-motivation and persistence if you have any questions as well we are here to help. On your blog there is no picture to make it more humanize or personal, just a suggestion. : )
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    Boosting self-confidence

    The best advice I can give you is the following. Self-esteem is all about self-worth, usually this is increase helping others through your gift. Figure out what you are gifted at, develop it and then share it. Watch your self esteem and self worth increase. This is also practicing compassion...
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    My Self-Improvement Journey

    I think they are great steps to achieve, sounds that you’re going to transform yourself into a different person with more personal gain. The best satisfaction is having something or a purpose to live, develop, create and accomplish. You’ll do it!
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    How Do You Define Character?

    I define character as intergrity of the self. Become your true self with a growth peaceful defenseless harmless self. Be good!
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    The Best Habit that you can have is?

    All seem good habits. But the best one that I have is wake up at 6am to start my day and finish early. Starting the day rise and shine is great!
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    Sharpen Your Focus Using the Pomodoro Technique

    Well I usually take breaks after so much information. Sometimes go to the gym, boxing, or doing anything else. i have found that my mind is still working but does not feel like work and I focus better when I come back. But great stuff!
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    The Importance of Persistence and Perseverance

    There are many quotes from Jim Rohn that I like best but on the topic of persistence and perseverance I believe that most growth in life is when pain is the greatest. For instance, when you go to the gym most think that the 12 reps of the exercise will help you grow but in reality it’s actually...
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    I have a hard time getting things done...

    I find it easier to do things that are boring by combining it with some activity that is fun. For instance, there are times when I have to do the dishes and I listen to music with my earphones on. Or If I have to do a boring paper I play a wonderful fun movie on Netflix. The trick here is to...
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    Speaking personally, I can only say that my Why in life life is providing motivation for aspirers to keep going when they feel,like quitting on their goal. Super why? Because that is what I am going through and you don't know how many times I feel like giving up or failing on passing my message...
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    Descartes Square

    This reminds me of hypothetical questions we do in our clinic with patients recovering from alcoholism or addictions. It works because it makes them think about pros and cons. Personally, since I am reaching more of the spiritual realm in my practice, I am making my decisions based on intuition...