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    I gained weight and my gf hates it.

    What really counts is how you feel in and with your body. If your girlfriend doesn´t like your physical appearance it might be a good idea to ask her if this has got esthetic or health reasons. Then you can decide if you accept her behaviour or if you want to move on to something better.
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    My son is suffering from sleep paralysis. What should I do?

    Hi worriedDAD, first of all, does your sun use his phone very often just before going to bed? The light of phones is the same light found in sunrise. Meaning the mind is tricked into believing the sun is coming up and it is time to wake up. So you might want to check this first. Second, what...
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    I want to transition from overwhelmingly negative to overwhelmingly positive

    Hi Justin, first of all: you´re on the right path! Your willingness to change and learn is the best start. Don´t be so hard on yourself, personal development takes time and courage. I´m sure you´re determined enough to reach your goals. I love that you started with nutrition and physical...
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    Growing into myself

    Love it! A lot of people think that once your brain is fully developed you just stop learning. But that´s not true. Your soul is constantly trying to push you into growth. Good Job Tracy!