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    Do you still have time to exercise?

    When I was on my college days I do have time to work out a lot and make my self more onto a healthy side but when I am starting working the time I spend for exercising tends to be the time for me to rest. I really don't have much time to exercise especially when you are working too much. But I...
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    Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?

    I really am blinded by those betrayal. I mean I don't experience it yet being betrayed by a friend but most of the time there's this feeling that someone might betraying me as of this moment but who am I to judge right? If ever someone betrayed me especially my closest friend I really don't know...
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    How good are you in saving money?

    I am not that good at saving money I tend to spend much especially when I feel like eating and also buying NEW games on Steam. But I make it to a point that every month I can save 5-10% of my monthly salary for my future though sometimes I spend it unwisely I still have a good amount of cash in...
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    Your Favourite Inspirational Song?

    One of the best inspirational song for me belongs to Hillsong. There are lots of good praise song which gives you an inspiration to move on. I really love to listen to every Hillsong music as I feel more motivated and inspired. There are already lots of people who love their music and I do hope...
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    Have you ever felt stuck?

    Its really hard to have a positive support system in your case especially that you are living only with your son, though joining a community like this will somehow helps you and keep you more in the positive side I still recommend you to find someone, a friend or a family, that makes it your...
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    Have you ever felt stuck?

    Most people who are in their mid to late 20's experience this kind of situation where you feel like you don't have any improvements in life, like there's no room for a new life to begin with. I understand how you feel as I already been there and done that. I don't meant to say that I already...
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    Good mood for better health

    You have a point, if you believe that you are sick then there is a probability that you'll definitely get sick or have an illness regardless of its severity. :(
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    A Guide To A Successful Living

    That is very ideal AmazingP but people nowadays doesn't realize to be contented and give thanks to what they have. Even if you do give them words like that to have a successful living, they will just still pursue what they want. I do witness people with that kind of mentality and they are not...
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    Is a big wedding important to you?

    If you can afford to have a big wedding why not? But for practicality sake I would rather to have a simple wedding or if I don't have money at all the court will do and most people tend to do that because its cheaper, no plans and frustrations in preparing the wedding. :)
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    Do you hate some aspects of yourself?

    What I hate about my self most of the time is I can't focus on what I do in terms of my work and with my leisure time I feel I waste too much time doing nothing, I know that I work full time all through out the day but there are times I feel not working at all due to exhaustion. I can't cope up...
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    The Fear of Getting Old

    I do have that kind of mentality as well but I don't see it as a fear or anxiety yet I tend to see them as an inspiration for me to achieve the same thing regardless of what age I achieved it. I also am a bit of envious whenever I see my age group achieved more than what I attained already but I...
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    Do you eat breakfast?

    Sometimes I miss eating breakfast but as long as I can I eat it first day in the morning to have energy in the long day ahead. I don't want to feel hungry that's why I always keep my self full its not because I want to be healthy but I just don't want to feel the hunger, it makes me feel...
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    The Fear of Getting Old

    I don't mind if I age as long as I live happy and no regrets in my past I think its fine with me, seeing my self in my 30's and 40's I would rather dream of getting a happy life and satisfied my self from what I have and what I achieved. I don't really care if I age, I just fear for my future if...
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    Ultimate Question: Where Did God Came From?

    I also remember asking that in one of my friend before he is a Priest and he told me that God has no beginning and no end he just explained to me that God do exist and we just need to learn how to read a bible. I really didn't understand him I just nodded and then changed the topic. I am not...
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    Giving Up Everything For Faith

    I do not pay much attention about giving out everything just for my faith look at what happened to the followers of Harold Camping, the president of Family radio. Those followers already sold their properties and also resigned in their job due to the fact that Harold Camping assumed that it is...