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    Toughening Up

    thanks, that's great to hear, congratulations on your site! I've been some more inner work as well. I've been listening to an audiobook, and he recounts help from a hypnotherapist. I've been doing some 3 minute visualizations, and listening to the women he recommended, Marissa Peer. Starting to...
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    Toughening Up

    wanted to add more, as "setting 3 daily intentions" is very good for me. I know this, yet, often have many many things I plan to do. Having a 'hard 3' makes it clearer. Working on realizing what one guy said "I keep promises to myself".
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    Toughening Up

    Hey, thank you. Working on trimming long lists and prioritizing as well, really good to be reminded.
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    Toughening Up

    Thank you, very good info. I don't think I got an alert of your reply until I saw the other person's, otherwise I would have replied earlier. As for self hypnosis, I read a book, and Marissa Peer was mentioned. Found some of her audio works on self hypnosis. You're right, it is important, and I...
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    Toughening Up

    Hi all, I'm 49, and just left San Francisco for Mexico. As there's a lot going on now, I am waking up and working on creating a life I wish I have been leading a long time ago. And this is one hell of a time to do it. I am one of the only gringos here, working on my Spanish, and studying and...
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    [book] The Miracle Morning (8/10)

    good book, I've read it too
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    Trying to develop the habit of getting up and staying up when the alarmclock goes off.

    Read or listen to Discipline = Freedom, by Jocko Willinks.
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    Need advice on how to ward off strong temptations of seeing sex workers

    I had an early experience picking up a street woman at both the prompting and surprise from a friend in a bad part of town when I was 16. I really didn't like it, but, somehow, something stuck, and went down a similar path for a while on my own, picking up prostitutes. Not proud of it, and...
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    Helping Parents and Reuniting with Family

    That is very thoughtful and helpful. I've called and emailed my sister. No reply yet. I'm letting it go for now. You gave me some good ideas, to break it down into federal, state, county, city and local resources. Thank you.
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    Helping Parents and Reuniting with Family

    Hi, I am trying to help out my parents, as my dad has been self-employed for over 40 years, he's 75. He didn't really save or plan for retirement. My dad still works, he installs flooring, mostly carpet with two other guys in their 50s. He doesn't do much more than help the guys set up the...
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    What is the best way to increase passive income?

    I've checked out some. I used FundRise, made a small amount so far.
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    I don't see the point in working hard at my day job

    I would invite you to think ahead. What do you want? Independence, freedom, security? You might want to look into a strategy, and decide what to do now, to get what you want later.
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    Job or keep being an entrepreneur

    Hi, I am looking for someone to help me mash up all my ideas and create a viable income. I am already in the freelance/entrepreneur/solopreneur world, and want to take it to the next step. Anyone know of anyone, preferably in the SF area?
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    Family Issues

    Thank you, I'd prefer not to not to do it either. It's been 5 years. I figured it's enough time, but, I will wait and see. Thank you, a big hug back.
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    Family Issues

    That's really sad about your friend. Unfortunately, my sister is staying as a distant person. If it changes, it changes. I may try a few things, like sending gifts here and there. After sending a small birthday gift more than a year ago, we had a conversation. I may try that again. I think I...