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    The Value of Rest

    Rest is the key to optimal everything. And hell naps are great for the mind. Napping gives the same effect as meditation at times.
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    That's a great affirmation ill have to use that one!
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome Rich!
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    Ob portum: The Root of Opportunity

    Nice metaphors and a lot to be learned there!
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    SoulForge's Personal Development Diary

    Remember to take your time; if you make good progress one weekend awesome. But if you don't accept it and be happy anyway. Don't have too much pressure to get somewhere.
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    The benefits that came from your toughest moments

    ^ Your story sounds a lot like me. Me being 25 years old I went to a community collage at 19 years old not knowing what I wanted to do but picking business. Eventually after 3 semesters I took a semester off feeling not sure what I want to do. I decided to want to find something I really liked...
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    Health Benefits of Jumping.

    It also increases testosterone too for guys!
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    And This is Why Motivation is like Bathing...

    Great post, that is a metaphor I haven't heard before but makes complete sense! Motivation, confidence isn't a physical thing you buy or have for good once you found it. Its like a muscle you have to work it out and continue to enforce these ideas, it grows and so does ones growth! Always put...
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    Law of Attraction: Looking tips

    Enjoyed your post!
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    Theory in positivity and productiveness

    I do believe in the correlation that how much energy you have or how awake and focused the more happy you are. I mean look at it this way, we get irritable when something causes resistance so being tired makes more resistance to challenges even things you like and usually like to do.
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    Where am I going with my life?

    Excellent post Dennielle!
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    Hi from Quebec!

    Hello welcome AnNa hope you enjoy the site! Look forward to seeing what you share!
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    Theory in positivity and productiveness

    So this is something that I've been thinking about and understanding it. This is simply said as the more tired you are the less positive and productive you are. I find in this example in my life this past week. Monday I feel fresh (like a running back in the beginning of a foot ball season)...
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    Empty but nice period

    Hey they say you can be any age at anytime, sometimes I feel old, sometimes like a little kid. And sometimes actually 25 haha.
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    How To Find Out What You Want To Do With Your Life?

    You aren't going to die, if there's a will there's a way to strive.