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    Too blessed to be stressed=)

    Yes, it is much better to try to stay in a spirit of gratefulness. We would hate to lose some of the things we complain about so much. You hate your job, your friends, your family---but how would you feel if they were suddenly taken away? It's not always easy to shift our focus when we are in...
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    What do you see/feel/hear during meditation?

    Meditation for me is kind of inconsistent. I can't say that it does much for me, but sometimes it is relaxing in the moment. I'm not good at it yet.
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    Being Jaded

    I had a bad experience recently that left me very hurt, but I consciously know that I don't want to carry that into any future dealings. Everyone is different and I can't punish others for the actions of one. However, I don't know if my heart will comply.
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    Is Virginity a Total DealBreaker for Guys?

    I am an older (30s) virgin until marriage, and not ashamed. However I do have a fear that I won't find anyone who will stick around knowing that there is no physical activity before marriage. My thought is that if you are serious about marriage, then why can't you wait it out when you can...
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    Any Real Estate Investors or Landlords?

    I am tentatively interested in generating cash flow through real estate, eventually. Have any of you invested in homes to rent out? How has your experience been? I imagine that I would prefer to pay for a house upfront so that I won't have to put any of the rent money towards a mortgage.
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    Has Anyone Tried Binary Trading Options?

    I just recently learned about binary trading. I've always been intimidated by the stock market because I don't have a finance or business background. It has seemed a little too complicated for me to understand. However, binary trading sounds like an easier concept because you either win or...
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    Do Vision Boards Work?

    I think vision boards are good tools to remind yourself of what you want. I don't think that it's required to look at them everyday, though. I have one on Pinterest I look at occasionally. It's more important to just have the images in your awareness until you look at the board later and see...
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    What is the end goal for everyone?

    I think the end goal for everyone is to be happy doing something they love doing. I would also add that it's also desirable to have freedom and financial security. If you love what you do it shouldn't feel like something you hate to get up in the morning for, but most people don't do what...
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    Is The Law Of Attraction/Spirituality Untrue?

    I have been a student of LOA for the past several months. I do believe---I have had experiences that 'just' worked out perfectly, but I haven't manifested anything that seems to be a direct result of my deliberate intent. I have learned a lot and one thing about LOA is that if you doubt its...
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    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    Yes, I definitely feel like you can have a relationship with God without belonging to a church. I didn't always feel this way, but now I am at a point where I haven't been to church in a couple years but I will always believe in a God or something bigger than us that moves things around. I...
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    I have never met a woman in real life who has said that she doesn't want a nice guy. I think a lot of guys who complain that women don't want nice guys are themselves otherwise boring and unappealing. Instead of looking within to change what else may be wrong, they project and say that women...