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    How to Improve Self Confidence

    Sometimes it can be easy to focus on what you haven’t done. It’s easy to lose confidence if you feel like you haven’t achieved anything. Focusing on stuff you have done, big or small, can help you gain perspective on all your talents and abilities.
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    Do you believe in miracle healing?

    When I was young, I always saw my great grandma hold iron objects (usually kitchenware) over the heads of sick people and I watched them get better really quickly. At the time we were not living in America so access to great healthcare wasn't that available. Perhaps a placebo effect of sorts...
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    What do you see/feel/hear during meditation?

    Meditation to me is like cleaning the messy room in head each morning. All the mess from the day before becomes neat and organized. I can find thoughts and I find myself better adept to dealing with anxieties throughout the day =)
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    TERRIBLE BREAK UP Please help

    Time will heal sure, but if you want to really grow and become whole again you need to dedicate yourself to becoming a better person. What is better? That's for you to decide. Take care of yourself. Do all the things that you could not do because your time was occupied with a relationship...