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    How Often Will You Work on a Sunday?

    I work on Sundays, but it's usually freelance stuff I'm doing on the side. Technically it's work, but I'm also kind of doing it for fun.
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    If you could add just one hour....

    Probably cook something, try out a new recipe. I love cooking, and trying to teach myself more advanced techniques.
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    What's the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

    Get control of a 3 year drug addiction in my early 20's. I had to part ways with many of my friends and start over building a whole new circle of friends in the process. There were too many people in my life doing drugs on a regular basis, and I had to get away from it all and distance myself...
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    Suggestoins for crafts and profjects with my kids?

    I did one of these in grade school and it was a lot of fun. My parents still have the plate I made. There might be other companies that offer a similar product too, but this was one that I found: Your kids basically do...
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    What Activities do You do with Your Significant Other?

    I'm single currently, but my last partner and I used to spend a lot of time hanging out with his neighbors. He lived in a condo complex and everyone was pretty close. We used make wine together, redecorate his living room and his neighbors, and helped them out with a new business they opened up.
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    Need some help

    I was just about to suggest the same thing. I did this several years ago, and not only did it work, my appetite actually decreased after working out, so I wound up eating less. I would feel like "why consume extra calories that I just tried to burn off?". Also, try making it entertaining. When...
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    Good Foods For Better Weight Management

    AKA an "Orange Julius", like they sell at the malls. I think theirs includes some sugar as well, and ice of course. Though you could leave it out, as you're doing, or I wonder if honey would taste good in it.
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    Tips on drinking more water

    It also helps to keep a reusable bottle around with you as often as possible. When I'm out in public, shopping, at the park, walking around the city, it's easy to grab a refill at a water fountain and carry it around with you, instead of just grabbing a sip from one when you're thirsty.
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    Are you the type who loves to drink coffee before working?

    I enjoy coffee a lot but had to ween myself off of it a few years ago since I was having trouble sleeping. It wasn't necessarily the coffee causing this, it was more stress and anxiety related, but the coffee wasn't helping either. It did help me stay focused at work throughout the day, but I...
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    Do You Prefer E-books over Books?

    I prefer eBooks. Most of the books I read tend to be books on web development, HTML, CSS, and sometimes digital photography. These books tend to be pretty huge and become outdated pretty quickly. So having bookshelves full of them is kind of impractical. Also, in PDF format, I can easily do...
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    Fakes smiles in salespeople

    It doesn't bother me at all really, I try to empathize with them. They have to deal with the public all day and get paid low wages, I'd be jaded too. I make it a point to not talk down to them or act like a primadonna, and ask them for their help and advice, and thank them. I usually get a real...
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    Killing time vs filling every minute with productivity

    While at work, I make it a point to get up every half hour, go get a water/coffee, have a smoke (I know, I know), check if I got any mail - something, just to clear my head. Otherwise I slowly start losing my ability to stay focused and concentrated on whatever it is I am doing.
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    Skip the ultra-tanning

    I don't know if she was necessarily that tan when the photo was taken. It looks like whomever retouched the image and stylized it, cranked up the contrast on the model to make her look more dramatic against the background. It was probably done more so to make the highlights on her pop out more...
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    Positive effects of pets

    My family doesn't get along well at all. My sister and brother and I fight a lot. Our dogs definitely were able to keep the arguing at bay. We spent more time playing with them than arguing with each other, especially during the holidays. They all passed away 3 years ago, and it's been harder...
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    Cooking would be my main hobby these days. On weekends I'll sometimes plan the whole day around it, inviting some of my friends to come over and eat too. I spend a lot of time on food blogs and recipe sites reading through variations of a given recipe, the history behind it, etc. Aside from...