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    Learn a simple way to change your limiting beliefs!

    Thank you Cynthia, you are absolutely right. Changing behavior takes a while. You can't just become a new person over night. Changing beliefs can be quick and painless. It can (or should) even be fun. We integrate new information almost everyday. Once the self-growth journey has begun, you can't...
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    Learn a simple way to change your limiting beliefs!

    I like Bob Proctor! I met him almost two years ago. He is one of my mentors. The thing with affirmations, in my opinion, is that it takes too long to change your beliefs and paradigms. There are faster ways to do it. With self-hypnosis or meditation you can get quick results. With Psych-K even...
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    What happens when you become aware of a belief, that might be holding you back?

    Wow, this is actually a fundamental question Ari. Once you became aware of your thoughts and beliefs, there is no turning back. It is a good thing though, it is called self-growth. There are actually several ways to change your beliefs. Before I tell you what I personally use, I want to quote...
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    What is the use of a vision board?

    Hi guys, If you have seen The Secret, then you must have seen Joe Vitale in it. You should definitely read his book "The Attractor Factor". Anyway, it is true that a vision board lets you keep in touch with your goals. I have booked amazing results with vision boards. You should know that...
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    Does anyone else have trouble with priorities that change in the course of a day?

    Did you and your kids experience stress lately? I strongly believe that our immune system guards both our physical and mental health. So if you have a lot of things on your mind or if you're experiencing lots of emotions, your immune system is kept busy. You'll probably understand that your...
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    Ability to Self-Motivate

    I believe the most important thing to realize for those who want to motivate themselves, is that you actually choose to get motivated. How do you set your goals? Do you like what you are planning to achieve? Your goals must be inspiring and it really helps to keep them realistic. Everybody...
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    Why Personal Development?

    You are right Cynthia. Accepting it as it is, could be a condition for happiness. A lot of people struggle with acceptance though. They don't really know how to do that. I think accepting it as it is, can only happen if you let go of your labels and judgements. Actually, accepting it as it is...
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    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    Maybe a teen should not have to choose a career yet. Let them find their passion and encourage that. What are their dreams? What do they need to accomplish that? Also explain that it doesn't matter what they choose, you can always change. Money can never be a goal!
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    The Problem with making choices

    Hi Markus, Thank you for being open about your life. You can be proud of that! I would like to reply on your story, but remember this is just my perspective. You still have to feel if it's right for you. And that is directly the main item in your story: You keep writing that you 'think'. Choices...
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    Why Personal Development?

    Thanks for your reply Todd. Embrace change. We have to become aware of the labeling process that is constantly active in our minds. This is an (unaware) automated process, mostly based on beliefs that we needed as a child. Only then we can take responsibility and start thinking as ourselves...
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    I'm Building A Workshop on Habits & Need Your Help

    What's your target audience? Personally, I would love to learn new techniques in how to change my habits, or better: how to change my beliefs. It would be a great value if you could teach people a general way to dis-create their unwanted habits.
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    Any good Self Development books you recommend reading?

    Here's my TOP 3. 1. 'The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics' by Jose Silva and Burt Goldman is packed with valuable exercises and lessons. 2. 'Book of EST' by Luke Rhinehart. It describes an EST training. Easy to read. A bit weird, but as you read it you learn valuable skills. 3...
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    Why Personal Development?

    Do we have a natural born urge to improve ourself? I like to think so. What do you think? We humans carry around a very powerful computer which is running on software that is called 'Belief System'. I like to call the software 'BS 1.0'. Since we don't like to make mistakes, we constantly thrive...
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    If you want to write something to inspire other, what will you write?

    I like the elephant story too! If I want to write something inspirational to a person, I would say: Please, be careful what you think. You are a powerful creator. You create your own life. Have faith and smile more often. Don't hold yourself back because of negative expectations. They are not...