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    Should Keep Balance - But Why?

    I just discuss about this topic mean people can take most advantage of way make them happy in life, each way of other seem difference but it doesn't matter.
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    Should Keep Balance - But Why?

    I agree everything also have duality, it can be taken as advantage and motivate us.
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    Should Keep Balance - But Why?

    I agree we should finish work at office and when at home we only relax. That concept let me figure out how i can do the work more effective. When we have solid belief will lead to right action. People can practice this with always ask: to be happy, control then what should do and what not do.
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    Should Keep Balance - But Why?

    I agree we can't control outside, we also need discipline, experience of yesterday... I mean today I do anh share about my way when talk more about this problem that is: might we struggle with goal we want to achieve, with thing which people don't made as we want... instead i focus on ask my...
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    Should Keep Balance - But Why?

    I agree if people staying good at every moment, then they can go any where they want which so far.
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    Should Keep Balance - But Why?

    Don't try working hard on something forget about everything else people need to balance. That work require people need to control emotion when do things don't so excitement work on it will all time but people need make sure it is growing. People really happy and success when they really...
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    How to Develop Self-Esteem

    Here are something help me increase self esteem +I have own things necessary ensure my life than many people out there don't have enough. +I know if I want to success and happy then I need to efforts, responsibility and persistence. +If I don't good enough, stay happy and love myself then why...
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    Who wants to be a millionaire?

    Most of people want to become millionaire, but most of them give up and don't really believe they can. Always seeking motivation enough, find the true value of yourself then ready to take action and don't matter how many mistakes or fails you can get. Say to yourself: I am millionaire
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    What do YOU want out of personal development?

    Yes, people know everything need to know to achieve things but in most of case people don't believe it will be true or people lazy to trust and understand themselves. Get self development might save time if get right material and guide that fit with people. Another way that is follow your heart...
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    That Thing You Do

    Yes, even we really love and passion to do something we also need balance with our life. I use time spend with my family to be happy and family is really important with me.
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    You are more powerful than you think.

    To be success we need commitment, consistence. Work hard but always see in big picture. Help other solves their problem that we can then value will turn on us.
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    The Real Reason You Can't Change

    We need fall into do things we love and really mean about. That is best and nature way help we going far most and take any change necessary.
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    How To Overcome Procrastination ( 7 Methods I use )

    I focus on I will prepare for do things I love, I don't want be taken my attention on other things so I will done my tasks fast then focus time and my soul on things I want to do. I love to learn on self improvement and support other solves their problem, share my tips on my really experience.
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    The first Plan of Action.. Affirmative :)

    When we spend time to deep down in ourselves, our soul. We will be lead by our truly purpose or passion. That is good time than ever.
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    That Thing You Do

    I spend most of time of learning from internet, my experience from work and spend most of time for family to play, support. I always can control my work, my relationship and my personal grow up. I do that work everyday. I love that.