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    Is there One True Religion?

    One true religion sound controversial because if such thing would exist there won't be religious conflicts around the world, and particularly in mid-east. I was raised Catholic, but I'm not longer a religious person nor an atheist. I prefer to consider myself an agnostic and take the best of...
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    Making Money Online

    Well, the above links looks like a mere spam to promote your affiliate link and try to make a buck from referrals you pick from here. Visiting, which is the address without the referral link, makes me thinks this is kinda of multilevel "opportunity" leading...
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    Getting Rid of Negative People

    I found myself in the situation that made me realize that most people you know in life will have a dose of negativeness to share with you, but it's all about find a workaround to avoid being influenced by their negative thoughts. Getting yourself surrounded by successful people is not at all a...
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    What Makes You More Confident?

    Well, I was very shy while attending high school because of self-confidence problems, until I thought that enough was enough and decided to make something about it. I started by writing down this saying: "where there's a will, there's a way" and put it as sticky note next to by pillow so I was...
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    His Three Kids

    If you love and he corresponds you, for sure you will find the workaround. You are right, children are simply doing what they think is the correct based on what their mother could told them about you, but once she is away from them, I think that your love and comprehension will turn them into...
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    Why did Pope Benedict resign?

    I believe that he resigned because of underlying pressure from the Vatican Curia. Pope Benedict has a very conservative religious position and the scandals of the last days leading the Catholic church probably created inner conflicts that made him put himself aside that contribute to...
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    Staying Focused and Motivated When Self Employed

    I believe the critical moment when one is self-employment is when all those efforts seems not bring any monetary result or less money than expected. I think that one good way of staying focused and motivated when self-employed is setting up goals aside money matters. Wanting to make a sale...
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    A woman’s place

    This topic brought to my mind an old Gilbert O'Sullivan's song released just around the time the International Women Day would be declared, a song that brought too much debate that has worsened today because, who may believe that such place is the home. Among such facts, these are remarkable...
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    Are You Your Ultimate Self?

    This is so true and however we use to be more prone to let the negative side of things take over us rather than feel invigorated wit the new ones. We may take them, sure, but for an unknown reason (or human nature?) most people elaborate over and over about the negative things of life...
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    Could you elaborate a little more? Your post can be a legitimate resource but the topic title, your post count and the way you introduced it make it smell fishy. Spamming your links perhaps?
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    His Three Kids

    I could not talk about my position because I would see this possibility out of time. I would accept it when I was younger, but at this stage of my life I don't feel like having the patience and energy to go with it. However and focusing on your own situation, problem is what you already...
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    Beating Pain

    When I was teenager I learned that the power of mind can help us to beat both physical and spiritual pain. I learned the techniques and was able to control physical pain, but no that of the spirit. Overtime I stopped practicing such powere and now that I'm suffering from an acute leg ache, I...
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    Getting Rich Vs. Becoming Financially Free

    Getting rich seems to be boring from the approach of many people who think that having enough money is equal to stop worrying about making it, while getting financially free is a challenge, because producing a steady passive income requires some action before it happens. If I would have to...
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    How do you know if he's the one?

    I knew it when I could not take him out of my mind at any time of day or night. It was like an obsession but not in negative way, on the contrary. Since the moment I realized he was in my mind all the time, I felt like if everything around me were brighter, all colors more vivid, air was...
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    Demonic possessions

    The Witching Years has an interesting reading on demonic possession: It includes signs and symptoms and other related topics and possession stories,