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    7 Awesome Conversational Tips

    I followed these tips, it helped me speak to some of my seniors. The easiest thing to do is to control a conversation by asking open ended questions, and steer the direction of the conversation and doing the least amount of talking. Check all of the tips here, let me know what you think?
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    40 Date Night Ideas

    Tried following K-pop dance moves with my wife haha, it was fun. Great list!
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    Keeping Long Distance Relationship

    Thanks for this. I was in a LDR for 2 years, but now we're married :) It was tough at first, and I think we accidentally did most of those steps along the way.
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    Top Effective Communication Tips!

    Helpful tips, thanks a lot. I really try to live by the first tip. I aim to treat and speak to everyone of every level with the same level of respect.
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    Aspiring Polymath

    Hello! Very happy to join this forum. I'm from South Africa. I used to be a Football Freestyler, now I am a wantepreneur. I hope I can give some value in return for gaining value from this forum :) Kind regards