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    What is it like to Leave your Religion?

    I was raised in a muslim family. My entire family is very religious. No smoking, drinking, pre-marital sex, or many other things. Islam is a good religion, and it taught me a lot of good morals. But eventually there came a time in my life where I started to ask questions... I started to do...
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    How to Connect With People On A Deep Level: Create Meaningful Conversations

    Yes connecting with people on a deeper level is important. However, we can't always just jump down right into a deep conversation with someone who we haven't done that with before. People have their guards up and usually aren't too keen on telling you about their lives. Here's how I would...
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    Controlling Your Own Thoughts: Make Your Mind Work For YOU!

    Though it is true that controlling thoughts is extremely important, we must realize that it is easier said than done. Especially for someone who is new to this concept. However, it's still doable, you just need to find the most efficient method. Follow these steps: Get yourself in a meditative...
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    Surrounding Yourself With The RIGHT People: Be Around Those Who You Wish To Be Alike

    I agree. In fact just a few months ago I finally dumped some 'friends' who I knew were toxic to my life. I knew for a very long time that I had to let them go. And yes; it's a hard thing to do at first. I procrastinated for the longest time (years) in getting rid of these negative friends, even...
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    Hmm, yes that makes sense Tom. I guess a prerequisite to 'just do it,' would have to be imagination. People need to believe in things that are out of the ordinary. For someone who has lived their whole life without doing so, I would tell them the 'ol flat Earth example. Back in the day, no would...
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    Using Visualization to attract Prosperity and abundance

    This is an awesome post, and I agree with you a 100%. One other thing I can recommend is that we should also tell ourselves that we 'deserve,' whatever it is that we may be 'visualizing.' For example, if you want a Ferrari, then along with you emotion-full visualization, you should be affirming...
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    What's the Difference between Self-confidence and Arrogance?

    Self confidence is knowing that you are able to complete a certain task. This may mean that you will have to seek help to get this task done, and you're okay with that. self confident people aren't discouraged if they don't know everything. In fact they KNOW that they don't know everything. They...
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    If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done. No other way around it.
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    Too blessed to be stressed=)

    I agree completely. Being grateful and counting our blessings is essential to a happy and content life. I try to think of three things that I am grateful for, every morning when I wake up; it sets such a positive tone on my day and really makes me feel like I am someone special. Because we are...
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    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    Yes of course. In fact it's possible to not even be religious and still have faith in god. the relationship we have with god is something special. And NO human can ever tell you how you should go about developing that relationship. I believe that churches, mosques, and temples are there to guide...
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    What is Personal Development?

    I believe that personal development is a journey we embark on after, like you said, we go through some sort of 'troubling' experience. If we don't experience an intense negative experience, then it is hard for an individual at be motivated enough to go out an seek improvement. My journey into...