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    What Is Your GREATEST SKILL In Life???

    Thanks for sharing this post! Some great insights. Personally, I think there are many great skills. But since we're human beings and most of our success determines on other human beings, I would say that the greatest skill in life is your ability to persuade. But of course, your ability to...
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    Think and Grow Rich; stuck on #2

    @Kevology, how old are you if I may ask? Because if you're under 30, you just need to try stuff. There are numerous ways to find out what you like do to but the most important thing is that you just need to try a bunch of stuff for a short period of time and then figure out where you want to...
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    What is Personal Development?

    @tomokila You pretty much summed it up. I only would like to add emotional intelligence as in the sense of self-awareness and your own emotional management. All the best, Mick
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    What do you do when you have not achieved your goals by the deadline you set

    I think most people don't have clear why they have their goals in the first place. That's why many new-years resolutions fail. It sounds like a great idea at the moment when you feel really motivated. But motivation doesn't last. If you want to lose weight, why do you want to lose weight...
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    Hey there, im first time on a forum

    Personal development certainly never ends! Welcome @Ese joy
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    My Sources Of Understanding Myself

    Thanks for your response @VEM :) Yes the internet has a lot of good to offer ;) I might buy the book you mentioned (after finding work) and I'll do some research to find another one as well. Thank you for your effort! Mick
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    The Truth To Losing Weight Naturally & Excellent Tips

    Hi @Jenell_Cave That's a great achievement, thanks for sharing that with us! This is so true! Skipping is a high-intensity exercise that definitely makes you tired faster, but allows you to burn much more as well. Personally, I believe that the afterburn effect (calories you burn extra...
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    My Sources Of Understanding Myself

    @VEM, Thank you for sharing those lessons with us :) Just like @MoreSuccess, I resonate with what you said here: Every person has something great within, but also a darker side. If you can observe many different people from many different backgrounds and are able to find the golden nuggets...
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    Discover 3 Simple Strategies How To Overcome Fear

    I would like to add my 2 cents on this. Fear is a protection mechanism from the brain that tells you that there's some sort of danger. A danger to the brain means anything it isn't confident with or used to. A gun to your head would obviously trigger fear. Speaking for the first time in...
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    Hi there I am Melinda

    Love it! Welcome, @minz :)
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    First timer on a forum...

    Welcome to the forum @burrell90 I'm sure your expertise with come as a great asset on this forum :) All the best, Mick
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    Hi guys, my name is sirus and am just looking to put my self-development back on track

    @Sirus You're welcome my friend. As for not knowing what you want, I'm a huge fan of just making a list of things you consider let's say 10 different things, you then pick the 1 that you would love to try most. Then just do it. If it turns out that you don't like it as much, you go to the...
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    How do you relax or have fun?

    Hey @Jay Just a suggestion - have you ever tried Chess? That's a pretty interesting game to improve your brain as well. It requires patience to figure out each move though, but if you've got that patience, it's a really fun game. There're a few other games like chess like the Chinese Go or...
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    Still looking for a good career

    Simon Sinek is your man. Enjoy the read, :) Mick
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    Is it just me or girls are really confusing?

    Very well description over here. I agree that when we communicate with each other while one is on the intellectual frequency and the other on an emotional frequency, a disconnect happens indeed. All the best, Mick