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    I found out on Sunday night. I was sad to hear the news. I've always enjoyed his teachings. He was so down to Earth.
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    What Does Leadership Mean to You?

    Hello all! I'm an active member of a few communities where the main focus is leadership development. One thing I find though all of the communities is Leadership means different things to different people. Don't get me wrong. There is still a core definition to Leadership. For me, it means...
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    Free eLearning Courses

    That's wonderful, Pafjih. What do you want to major in? What is your field of choice?
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    Quick Question!

    If you've been on your personal development journey for any amount of time then I'm sure you've either purchased or thought of purchasing a course of some sort. I've personally invested a lot of money in my personal growth as a leader and I'm proud of every bit of information I get and every...
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    Newly Weds and a Happy New Year!

    Thank you MSuccess. She likes a lot of attention =)
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    Newly Weds and a Happy New Year!

    Hey guys! Long time no see. I just wanted to let you know that I got married! That's why I've been away from the forums. We're still trying to find the balance (that means me balancing my time with her and my time with you guys!). I also wanted to wish you guys a happy new year. I want the...
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    Free eLearning Courses

    Hey there MSuccess! I'd like to add to this list: The No Excuse List It's a great place to start. They got everything organized into categories.
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    Written or Not. What Are Writing/Going to/Want to Write?

    Good morning everyone! I'm finally feeling a ton better. More than good enough to start contributing to this wonderful community once more. Like the title asks: What are you writing? It doesn't matter if you haven't begun writing or are currently in the process. Let us know! I you have...
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    Sorry I have not been around as much

    Hey Kareem. Same here man, except I've been pretty damn sick. I'd like to hear your band so send me a link when you can.
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    My Late Inactivity

    Thank you both. I would be more active but even replying to this post is a major chore.
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    My Late Inactivity

    Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know why I haven't been so active lately: I'm sick! This cold/fever/flu/whateverthehellitis is kicking my butt... But I'm a warrior and I'm pushing through. I'm starting feel a little better with each passing day, but for now I'm going to continue to rest...
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    5 Self-Assertiveness Strategies to Help You Reclaim Your Domain

    #1 - Another great reason to start journaling. I really like the value you're adding to the community, Derrick. Keep it up!
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    Self-Authority: What It Really Means to Believe in Yourself

    Reminds me of when Tony Robbins was saying, "People always say 'I should have this, I should have that, I should've, I should've." He called it 'shoulding' all over yourself. Journaling is probably one of the most powerful practices I have picked up. I cannot tell you how many fears and...
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    Leadership: Define it in 3 Words or Less

    I know, Derrick. It's hard to put such a complex idea into a few words. I like your definition, though.
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    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Quotes?

    Norman Vincent Peale's the real stuff. I love his book, "The Power of Positive Thinking".