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    How do you stay motivated?

    Yes, there is a huge and open source of free podcasts. Great point out WriteSuccess! (y)
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    How do you stay motivated?

    Great post! Thanks for the insight. (y) I pretty much use these 5 habits to stay motivated: Eliminate Distractions & Manage Your Time Write down your objectives and apprehensions Visualize the future Yoga and Meditation Find a Mentor I think the most challenging one is finding the right...
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    I Hate Canker Sores

    I heard mixing apple cider vinegar and warm water, then gargle with it daily will speed up the healing process. Apple cider vinegar works wonders in itself for many different reasons, its powerful stuff. Especially for fighting off bad bacteria and sores, good luck! (y)
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    Ready to serve :)

    Great to have you to the forums Dalibor. Sounds like you will bring a great dynamic to the community. Thanks for the willingness to help, we can chat sometime. Looking forward to your insights. (y)
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    limitation of meditation

    This is a great read for people experimenting with meditation for self improvement. In that statement you are correct. I believe meditation (in a self improvement sense) is not a form of escaping reality and your problems, but more of a tool or exercise to help you bring clarity and focus to...
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    Do you struggle to improve yourself!!?

    How are you doing with this kacaonguyen? Any updates on your progress? Did you make any advancements or discover more obstacles? We are here to help, let us know your status. You can contact me anytime... (y)
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    Lack of Direction or Lack of Time?

    Hey guys, I came across this quote by Zig Ziglar and found it interesting... " Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days. " - Zig Ziglar We always complain about not having enough time in the day to complete all the tasks we set out for. So with...
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    [Help] My lack of self-confidence is running my life and killing my business

    Hello clearnigh2 and welcome to the forums. Confidence is hard to gain with a negative past, and what you must do is forget the past and move on. Start fresh and become a new person, visualize who you want to be in the mirror everyday and work hard at becoming that person. We wrote a few good...
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    Self help is something I practice, so i`m glad I found this forum!

    Keep it up Jon! Glad to have you on the forums. Welcome.
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    Hi Everyone

    Sounds good Ahmed, welcome to the forum.
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    The Best Habit that you can have is?

    Yes, if you look into the habits of the most successful people you will find things in common like reading... reading a lot. Bill Gates reads 1 hour before bedtime every night as part of his bedtime routine, while others read 2-3 hours a day. Time Management is a great habit to pick up...
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    7 Morning Rituals To Start Your Day

    Great routine! When you said 1. Make Your Bed it reminded me of McRavens moving speech. (y)
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    How to change your attitude towards life

    Just like Zig Ziglar said " Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining - it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn't solve any problems. " You can always look to the positive things in your life to motivate and inspire you to become or do more. Defaulting back to the negative...
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    The best personal development books?

    I still need to get around to reading Awaken The Giant Within - Anthony Robbins, I have heard great things about it. Here is a few that I have enjoyed with some descriptions: The 48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene LAW 25 Re-Create Yourself Do not accept the roles that society foists on you...
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    Overcoming fear of failure and start doing what you love!

    Hey guy's we have just recorded a podcast with Tom Ingrassia, an aspiring entrepreneur who after 25 years in a safe and secure career decided to chase his dreams and do what he loves! This decision was made when he hit 48!, proving it is never too early or too late to chase your dreams and...