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    Is having a master's degree vital?

    i agree with you --> "being enrolled in a master's degree class and all it does is take money from ur wallet" <-- hahaha i dont what what's happening in all of us, some are just contented being an employee all their life being a prison in their own office cubicle.. sometimes even how educated...
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    Can a relationship survive if one, or both of you have children from past relationships?

    base on my experience my ex-girlfriend has 2 children ages 3 and 4 when we met, she'd been honest with me from the start about that thing. we lived together for more than a month, but as times goes by i felt difficult about that kind of situation, even though i love her so much, there are times...
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    If you have a relationship or single - You do this

    well bro i guess having a good relationship with anyone is respecrting them.. i guess that the most imortant point. =)