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    How To Motivate Yourself To Workout - And The Secret To Increasing Willpower

    Another thing that I work on with my clients to help keep them accountable is making sure that their goals aren't too big. Self-efficacy is a proven way to increase your clients success rates. Make sure that your (or your clients) goals are attainable and slowly build confidence and competency...
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    Goal Setting

    This is a great post, thanks for sharing. One thing I would like to add as a coach is also helping my clients create objective goals (something that you can put a value behind) and a timeline to keep them accountable to their goals.
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    How to stop repeating same bad habits, old patterns, unconscious programs and finally change your life

    This is a great post Kevin, thanks for sharing. I agree with all 6 points but do you think discipline has affect on a persons ability to make change? I know a lot of people who want to make positive change but they simply don't have the discipline to do so. How do you fix that?
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    One Step Towards A Little More Happiness

    Hi Jonathan, I have been researching happiness and psychology too. I would love to hear about your favorite tools to achieve happiness and alleviate stress. Thanks.
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    I'm going to face my depression

    I am really curious to learn what sparked this positive momentum. Would you say it was working out? or something else? Thanks.
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    Whats your opinion on this? I read this somewhere

    I am sure if you surveyed every "successful" person in the world that you would find various origin stories- outliers and the rest of us. Some individuals may have grown up with a silver spoon in mouth with the most loving and caring parents in the world, went to an Ivy League school, then built...
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    No pressure no Diamonds? Understanding stress and it's impacts on our health, 3-steps & 5-quick wins to improve our relationship with stress...

    Hello @tomwilko, I enjoyed reading your article. I have a quick question for you. With your background and expertise, how would you break up a "stress pie-chart" using the following categorizes: Psychological, Environmental, Healthy lifestyle habits (sleep, exercise, meditation, etc.) and...
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    This is well written, thanks for sharing. I can relate and agree to all of the above but, do you have any suggestions on how-to self improve? What are the things that you have done that have helped you with your own insecurities? Thanks.
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    What is definition of happiness for you?

    If you asked me what my definition of happiness was last year I would have responded with similar responses. Today, I now understand that the word happiness or the goal of achieving happiness is distracting to the conversation of self-improvement. Happiness research and positive psychology is...
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    Is it possible to bring the mindfulness into your everyday life?

    I think what you are touching on is the dilemma between practicing and living. Another way to put it is, we mediate or attend a yoga class (the practice) to feel good (the state). I am not saying that completing the practice is easy (because a lot of people have a hard time acquiring new...
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    How to stop fearing failiure?

    Please DM if you wanted to do a deeper dive into your questions. I think there maybe a few things to talk about here. I think these are several questions you should try and answer: 1) What is actually getting in the way of you exercising and drawing (is it knowledge, motivation or...
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    How to stop fearing failiure?

    I have been a strength and conditioning coach for the last decade and have been a student of psychology for most of my life. In one way, shape or form, motivating people to do things has been how I have made my living. I think the conversation is much more nuanced. Everyone has different...
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    What do you have for breakfast?

    I actually skip breakfast. For years most people defined breakfast as the most important meal of the day but I think that myth has been debunked. I try to intermittent fast up to 14-16 hours a day. My last meal ends at 8 pm (ish) every night, I wake up with water, may have a small cup of coffee...
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    I've put off working on myself for so long and now I have no idea where to start

    @ctree I spoke to a client today about defining success and living her ideal life. She had a really hard time defining what success is and what it meant to her. I find that when you interact with people and ask them questions like "what makes you happy?" "what is a successful life?" "if you had...
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    Negative Thinking results sucess!!

    Perhaps the original poster is talking to positive vs negative consequences for motivation? Personally speaking I have seen people respond to positive and negative reinforcers differently. I think its up to us to identify what reinforcers work best for us.