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    Do you negatively compare yourself to others?

    This discussion inspired me so I wrote an article about it on my website... i hope you like it
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    New Habit: Mindful Walking

    Good luck to you! One of the things I am doing right now is breaking my "tv Addiction" by going 30 days with out watching television.. it is going well right now. thanks for sharing
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    Tips on drinking more water

    I try to drink one bottle of water first thing in the morning... not only does this take 1 out of the four bottle of water I need each day, but it also helps me to wake up
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    Do you eat breakfast?

    I agree with Cecil
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    Put a smile on your face!

    Put a smile on your face!
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    Killing time vs filling every minute with productivity

    I love this article... it was beautiful and not quite what I was expecting.. thanks for the link
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    Hope for the best...

    I think it is best to be prepared for the worst , but to not get so caught up in it. You could literally be attracting the negativity into your life because of your thoughts.
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    3 Tips for Positive Thinking I've Found Helpful

    Whenever times get tough I try to remember that something can be gain from this . You be surprised at how many problems can really turn out to be opportunities in disguise. If its hard to find the opportunity, know that this experience will at least make you stronger for having to go through...
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    Keeping Up The Pace

    What I like to do to remain productive to keep inspiration all around me. I like to have pics of people who have great work ethic and success to remind me that hard works pays off..
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    Do you negatively compare yourself to others?

    That is a really great point. What you resist, persists... thanks for your response
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    feeling highly motivated today

    feeling highly motivated today
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    Your Life By Design

    Great post! It is so import to stop and reflect on you life and make sure you are moving in the right direction. The way I do it, is I have my goals written down and posted on my wall in my room, so that everyday that I wake up it is the first thing I see. Before I go to be I like to reflect "...
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    Do you negatively compare yourself to others?

    That makes perfect sense! Looking to "them" as sources of inspiration instead of jealousy is, to me, the best way to grow from the situation! thanks Rea