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    Morning Green Smoothie Recipe's

    I also like berries and strawberries. :) But i don't try to shake....!!! It's interesting...
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    Health Benefits of Jumping.

    Jumping actually improves your coordination by making you focus on your feet. Even jumping at a very moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute. Here are infographic you can check its benefits. :)
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    What is Yoga and it's Importance in healthy life

    Hi Simant, Do you know about bikram yoga? I want to know about bikram yoga. Can you explain about bikram yoga and its benefits...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello Andy, Welcome to forum(y)
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    How to SLEEP Your Way to Better Health {Infographic}

    Hi Etheric, your link is not working. Can you edit your post.
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    Hello from Alberta

    Hi Ron, Welcome to forum.!!!(y)(y)
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    Posting rules

    Also Signature font style.....!!!(y) Recently i have seen new member add big font style in his signature. It's looks bad...
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    Hey folks!

    Hi Blake, Welcome to forums.....
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    How Yoga Training or Yoga Classes: Can Fit You Healthy?

    I do yoga every week day except weekend. It's good for our fitness and immune system....
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    How Yoga Training or Yoga Classes: Can Fit You Healthy?

    Yoga is a wonderful tool to gain total health. It is an ancient practice of attaining holistic health and leading a disease-free life. It is basically a combination of physical exercises (asana) and mediation to deliver a lot of health benefits to its practitioners. Since ages, yoga has been...
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    Meditation Plus Running as a Treatment for Depression

    Meditating before running could change the brain in ways that are more beneficial for mental health than practicing either of those activities alone, according to an interesting study of a new treatment program for people with depression. Reference :- The New York Times
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    Hi Andy, Welcome (y)
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    Hi everyone, I love to know all of you well

    Hi Phoebe, Welcome to forum. I like to read blogs related to fitness, Health & sports. Which type of blog do you write?
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    Hi Hubert, Welcome to forum.
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    Scared of My assignment [advice needed]

    I like your positive thinking ..... (y)