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    How did you handle losing your first love?

    I handled it fine, since I dumped HIM! LOL he would probably disagree with the "handled it fien" part fo that, but still...:p Susan
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    Can A Marriage Survive Without Sex?

    Gosh, I don't know. can it survive without emotional intimacy? Many times lack of physical intimacy is only a manifestation of an emotional problem between the couple. There are physical reasons for it at times, but for the most part, people who can't get along outside the bedroom aren't...
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    Choosing a House of Worship

    For those of you who were either not raised in a specific religion or at some point chose to explore other religions, how did you choose a church or religious ideals that were in tune with your beliefs? Many people continue on in the religion they were raised in, but for those who have no strong...