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    Passion is a great thing to have when earning money, but it's not completely necessary to succeed. Sometimes the money you earn from a job you are not passionate about can fund something you are passionate about. 'Mr. Wonderful' Kevin O'Leary from Shark tank is passionate about photography, but...
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    Can I Still Amplify My Abundance When I DON'T Want To Give Or Share?

    Almost all the wealthy people I know are very money conscious and have a difficult time letting go of it. However, they are still abundant whether they give or not. Wealthy people are good at receiving abundance in any way they know how to.
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    The problem with self-development

    I had the same thoughts. I feel like most of these self-improvement/spiritual people hide their shadow sides from the world. The truth is we are not perfect, and we all have bad days and experience low moods. I call this the human factor. The human factor states that we are human, and all of...
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    tips for passive income

    YouTube and affiliate marketing are 2 good sources for creating passive income.
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    You don't need confidence, you need to relate

    I agree. Your state of being and either being comfortable or being able to tolerate the discomfort in yourself are the keys to being confident Relating to others is better than condemning them. Your perceptions are affected by the way you feel, and the way you feel will affect your...
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    My Personal Take On The So-called “Dream Life”

    I totally agree with you, Nicholas. While having a big home is nice, there is so much on-going maintenance to it. As far as owning things like a boat, or expensive car, If I were wealthy I would just rent one when I need it.
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    How to do Personal development

    I started my personal development journey in 1997. The first thing I did was read a lot of books. The first book I read was Feel the Fear and do it Anyway. It was an eye-opener for me. I’ve read over 1000 self-help books in my lifetime. I can tell you from experience that reading self-help...
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    How to stop fearing failiure?

    I had this same experience with working out at home. I was really into it and doing it for a month or so, but then I was sidetracked with some important technical things to take care of on my blog. I put off working out at home for a couple of weeks, and focused mainly on my blog, Yesterday I...