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    How To Get A Job - 6 Unconventional Steps To Finding A Job | And One Little Secret

    In this video I want to teach you an unconventional 6 step approach to landing an awesome job with little competition. This approach can be used by anyone from college students to people the are currently unemployed or someone that wants to make a career transition. We're taught that we should...
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    How To Be Confident In An Interview - 3 Tips for 2018

    In this video, I'll provide 3 tips you can use to be more confident in your next interview. Interviews can be nerve wracking, but being prepared and having the right mindset go a long way to increasing your confidence. Calm your nerves with a couple practical tips and don't forget to smile...
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    How To Motivate Yourself To Workout - And The Secret To Increasing Willpower

    We always have the best intentions to workout consistently and reach our fitness goals, but after a while we sabotage ourselves and give up. Why do we give up when we know that reaching our fitness goals is so important? In this video I'd like to take you on a journey to understand what...
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    Linkedin Profile - 5 Linkedin Tips To Stand Out (2018)

    Stop applying for jobs and praying you get calls. Instead leverage the power of LinkedIn to get recruiter calls. In this video I'll share 5 tips I've learned along my journey to get found by recruiters. Criteria to have an All-Star LinkedIn profile 1. Profile Photo 2. Industry and...
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    Starting Your Own Business? - The #1 Mistake

    Thanks buddy for liking my video. Not yet , but i will definitely add money management related video. Meanwhile you can subscribe to my channel so that you can get the notification about my latest videos.
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    Life is Precious - A True Story About a Man Named Fredrick

    Life is precious, but why do so many of us de-prioritize or not recognise the things that matter the most? In this video I'll share a true story about Fredrick; a man who was so caught up in his work and embodying the financial success of the American Dream that he failed to recognise what was...
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    Starting Your Own Business? - The #1 Mistake

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    Starting Your Own Business? - The #1 Mistake

    Are you planning on starting your own business? don't make the same mistake that most people do. Starting your own business is hard, and 80% fail within the first 18 months, maximize your chances for success by following a couple simple tricks. Watch out this video and feel free to subscribe :