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    How to stop caring what others think of me?

    Internal silence. The practice of dissociation with yourself. Try to sit there and recognize yourself as another person. As you're not you. 5 minutes a day, a few minutes a day. Sit there with your eyes half closed and just listen to your thoughts and emotions until you can focus on nothing...
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    who is God

    And yet, while the "I" is not God, the Absolute, it is infinitely greater than we have imagined it to be before the light dawned upon us. It extends itself far beyond what we had conceived to be its limits. It touches the Universe at all its points, and is in the closest union with all of Life...
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    The Best Way To Attain Spirituality & Mindfulness

    Internal silence and witnessing of "I". Any practice that helps focus the your attention on that. It helps with impulse control and making decisions whole-heartedly
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    How important is spirituality in personal development?

    In the ancient days, the word "spiritual" is the old terminology for "psychological" "psyche + logic". But it's more than just the mundane dealings with our physical universe. Our dreams are hidden doorways to our psyche with esoteric truths that are revealed. Also, they are doorways to other...
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    The Power of Affirmations

    Here are some affirmations I've learned from Raja Yoga. Depolarizing yourself*mental and emotional balancement): "I" am a Centre. Around me revolves my world. "I" am a Centre of Influence and Power. "I" am a Centre of Thought and Consciousness. "I" am Independent of the Body. Control...