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    When Do You Punch Back?

    I think it really depends on the situation. There are moments where you need to stand up for yourself and fight back. I believe these are the times when the negative behavior already has a negative effect on you. Usually the people who can do this to you are the people who matter in your life...
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    A Tip in Starting a Business

    A lot of people want to get into business. More often than not, these people look for businesses with a good track record for success, or the most popular business, or they look for the cheapest and easiest business to start. The problem here is that, they look for something which they don't...
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    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    Well not all of the church leaders. I'm talking mostly of church leaders in our country. I just think sometimes they overstep their authority by meddling into politics. And I believe that it is not an order of the Vatican for them to do so. That's why I'm finding it harder and harder to have...
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    Is tithing important?

    Do you tithe? I used to think that tithing is just conforming to tradition of giving to the church. But then I learned that there is more to tithing than just giving money to the church. Here's a good read about the power of tithing...
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    Is it possible to still have faith in God but not in the church?

    I used to think that the church is all holy and divine, until I realized that it is still governed only by human beings (I still think the church in its symbolism and ideal is still holy and divine, but I have certain doubts with the people who run it). So is it possible to still have faith in...
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    Do you mix business with pleasure?

    It's not advisable to mix business with pleasure as you'd usually have a hard time distinguishing your priorities. However, if you are disciplined and controlled enough to make it work, then you might just make it work.
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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    I recently started my own small business. It's like a small convenience / market store. The hardest part for the whole process was actually starting it and doing all the nitty gritty needed. But once I got over it, it became easier. Now my challenge is to lower my overhead and to maintain a...
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    Learn how you can achieve success and live your dreams

    It's not easy to achieve success. Just ask the people who have been there and they will tell you all about the hardships, challenges and obstacles that they have to overcome. But with the proper guidance, I believe that success can be achieved. Click the link below to learn more...
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    Morality Question: Do You Have To TRY To Be Good?

    1st Message: I don't think that people are naturally lazy and immoral, if it were, then civilization wouldn't have achieved and developed so much, considering that it is very hard to go against our own nature. 2nd Message: Not really the case, as was mentioned by Leo Krans, it is your choice...
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    Downside to Life Coaching?

    I think another downside aside from being too dependent is that people becomes lazy and reliant. It won't just be about a matter of not trusting themselves, but it can also be about people being too reliant on their life coach that they become lazy to even think or make a decision on their own...
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    What is Personal Development?

    I wasn't always a believer of developing yourself. I used to think that experience alone would be enough. But I was wrong. If you take the time to constantly improve yourself, you'll grow and improve at faster rate then when you're just letting experience do the teaching for you. One important...