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    Study says positive thinking holds you back

    I would not say it is a less empowering stance, I'm just taking out the unrealistic part of taking your goals for granted. I do think it's great to be optimistic and approach your goals thinking that you will achieve them. Still, this does not mean your goals will accomplish themselves, you...
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    Beliefs and personal growth

    Sure Julien, glad you like it. I'd love it if you could give a like to my posts, it motivates me to keep writing :) This is an interesting one, I have not given it much thought before. Going with your point of view, and referring back to my blog article, I guess you could consider the core...
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    Beliefs and personal growth

    Hey Julien, welcome to the forum! I do not claim to be an expert but I have read a lot and put some to practise so I'll answer your questions as well as i can. You are right about believing things we don't necessarily have proof or experience in. The fact is there is so much information...
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    Study says positive thinking holds you back

    I actually agree with you in this, but the thing is, the test is biased from what I can see (see underlined portion). Visualizing your goals and thinking that you CAN accomplish them is part of positive thinking, and it sounds like both test groups were doing that. On the other hand, thinking...
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    Beliefs and personal growth

    Than you Kelly! I'm glad you like it :)
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    Study says positive thinking holds you back

    I think there's a difference between being optimistic and unrealistic. From what you are saying it seems like positive thinking is about hoping for the best and thinking it will happen on its own. In my case I generally am optimistic and consider myself capable of achieving what I want, but I...
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    Beliefs and personal growth

    I actually wrote an article about working with beliefs in my blog about 2 weeks ago. I shows how you can get rid of a limiting belief and find and implement a new empowering belief. Check it out:
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    What would you rather have? And why?

    I agree, there's plenty of plenty who have had money rain on them, like from winning the lottery or inheriting it, and managed to lose it all within a year or many cases ending up even in a worse situation than the beginning. It is much better to know how money works and be able to...
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    Share your favourite Affirmations/Mantras!

    Have you seen movies in which the character says something like: "what would Superman do in my place?". Now I know it's supposed to be funny but doing something similar can actually change your attitude for the better. Suppose you want to invest in a house and encounter a problem you are not...
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    What's your best piece of studying advice/tips?

    I find it easier to study by applying what you learn, either doing exercises on it or if it's memorizing I always make a summary of the main points to remember. Using colors helps too, since it makes a more vivid impression in your visual memory. In general just repeatedly reading something...
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    Know When To Quit

    A while ago I quit on the idea of finding a job. This made me look for ways to make a living that would not require a fixed workday, nor a fixed paycheck necessarily. Now I am an entrepreneur, starting an online business (you can see the link in my signature), and also an investor in the...
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    Do you believe that everybody should follow their Passion in Life?

    I think you should follow your dreams. There was this article I read once from a nurse who had worked with many old people and talked to them. She said the number 1 regret of the dying is not living a life true to themselves. I don't think anyone wants to die thinking about all they wanted to...
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    Risk Vs Reward

    I saw the video, would have totally fallen for the big box haha. Absolutely true though, no point in taking a risk just for the sake of it without there being a clear reward.
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    Living In Balance

    To me balance is about having time to do things I enjoy, apart from working all day. Since I'm still a student for a few more months, I don't have a 10 hour workday, but still, I try to make the most of my time, doing all kinds of extracurricular activities apart from studying. Something I...
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    A relationship must be 2-way

    I agree, sadly many people only think about what they are getting from the relationship instead of what they are giving. If you only focus on what you get, you will expect the other person to do everything and probably blame them for things going wrong...and as you do, so will the other...