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    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    I'm currently doing small things with eBay and getting tiny margins but it's a start. Also currently doing network marketing which is a great start in developing your mentality. These are all small moves that will lead into bigger opportunities down the line. Bottom line just start something to...
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    Who inspires you?

    At this very moment Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge inspiration #hustle Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
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    The benefits of intermittent fasting

    I've personally tried this 2 years ago and it works! What worked for me was calculating my macros and making sure I hit the amount of protein carbs and fats within my eating window Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
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    My Late Inactivity

    Get well soon!
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    Do Vision Boards Work?

    For mines it's still in the process haha It is a great motivator though. Their are times when my vision gets a little cloudy, but when I see that board I'm ready to rock n roll again! (y)
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    How to Live up to Your Full Potential

    Hope it works out for you!
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    How to Live up to Your Full Potential

    Again great post Derrick! One of the past struggles for me was I would ponder for hours trying to find the perfect solution to everything. It would be a waste of time as it only ended up being the same results. So I took more action and kind of had that ignorance on fire mentality haha. I...
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    5 Self-Assertiveness Strategies to Help You Reclaim Your Domain

    I'll definitely check out the youtube video! Thanks Derrieck!
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    5 Self-Assertiveness Strategies to Help You Reclaim Your Domain

    Awesome post Derrick! I'm definitely taking notes haha Remaining calm is definitely crucial to prevent any arguments. It makes sense to forgive wisely as we do not want someone to take our forgiveness for granted. Thanks for the post!
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    What's YOUR Energy Boost?

    Definitely can not go wrong with green tea in the morning! Emotion through motion to kick start the morning just walking around the apartment to get things flowing Then I do some daily affirmations and post one or two on twitter Then write in a gratuity journal Then to really jump my energy...
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    Simple Mindfulness Techniques

    Great post! I'm learning a lot about mindfulness techniques pretty quickly Thanks for the 101 haha I'll definitely apply these practices
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    Using Mindfulness

    Great article! Now I'm curious into how this is going to feel
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    What do you have for breakfast?

    I pretty much do the same thing! I would fast for about 12-15 hours than just eat all my MACROS in one or two sittings
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    Using Mindfulness

    Good stuff msuccess! I know it will take a lot of practice! I'll try and do what you do when I take a walk around my town
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    Using Mindfulness

    Thanks Marty! One day I'll get at that mindfulness level as you guys lol I'm going to read The Power of Now right Now haha I'll definitely consider on getting that program!