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    Marrying a Foreigner

    Cultural differences is not a barrier in a relationship as long as you love each other. I agree with Cecil that communication plays an important role on a relationship. I'm glad that you share the same belief. If God is the center of your relationship, then you will be guided always.
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    Dealing with In-Laws

    Are you in a good relationship with your in-laws? My husband was a breadwinner in their family before we got married. He is the youngest and all of his siblings were already have their own families. But they are still financially dependent on him. My husband is working abroad. When I gave...
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    Do you live in the past?

    I tried not to look the past and feel some regrets. When I make mistakes, I consider it as an experience. We all have regrets on our lives but we have a chance not to commit the same mistake again.
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    How do you exercise the power of choice?

    I can relate the word " choice" and " attitude". Bad day and good day will depend on your attitude. You can choose how to react on a certain situation.
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    Are You Content With What You Have Or Do You Desire More?

    I agree with Matt Maresca. We can't reach to a point which we feel contented, it is a human nature. We want fame, success, power, and money. We always want to feel the sense of achievement and accomplishment.
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    How Did You Meet Your Love?

    I met my husband four years ago on my friend son's baptism. He was a shy type and I was surprised that he called me after a week that we met. He told me that he has a plan to visit our place and meet my family. I was thinking that he was only joking when he said that. We were not even friends...
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    Do you ever hold hands with your spouse or significant other?

    Holding hands is an intimate gesture. I also felt secured every time my husband hold my hand. I wish that we remain romantic and sweet forever...:)
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    Do You Share Everything With Your Husband/Wife/Partner?

    I don't share soaps and toothbrush too...:)..I agree with you that there are secrets that worth keeping. If it can only ruin our relationship, I'd rather keep it secret.
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    When it is time for goodbye...

    I am married for more than two years and separation never crossed my mind. We have misunderstandings sometimes but we settled it before the day ends. I told my husband that if I ever knew that he has a serious commitment with other girl, I will put an end to our marriage. "
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    Saying "I Love You"

    " Action speaks louder than words." I prefer to show his love to me on his actions. It is a question of sincerity if he meant it when he says, " I love you".
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    How Do You Treat Your Maids/Househelp?

    I called our helpers " ATE". I have no sister and I consider them as my sisters. We treat them as part of our family. My parents are very nice people and they taught us about humility and respect.
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    How Many Hours you Spend in Praying Everyday?

    I always pray every time I feel stress and needs guidance. I pray every time I wake up, before going to sleep, and before every meal. It is good to feel that someone up there is watching us and guide us every day.
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    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    I don't want to control the lives of my children. I will let them decide what they want. I will support them and guide them to achieve their dreams.
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    What is the single most important trait of a good parent?

    Being a good parent means to spend quality time with my son. I am a working mom and I put my family on top of my priority. Sometimes, as a mother I have to choose between my career and my family. Being a parent, you should be a good provider and a role model to your children.
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    How do you deal with your parents?

    It depends on how you communicate with each other. At home, my parents always give us a chance to reason out. We have to explain our side before my parents will explain theirs. I am such fortunate to have an open-minded parents.