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    4 Stages of Preventing and Treating COVID-19: A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

    Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine understand 4 Stages of preventing and treating COVID-19. For each stage different herbal medicines may be used, and according to the symptoms which are manifesting. This article will cover those four stages, and relevant details about some of the herbs...
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    How can I develop my own willpower?

    Find your passion then the motivation and willpower will come more easily. When we are enthused about something it is easier to persevere. With exercise I find it useful to change routines frequently to keep my willpower up. Do exercise that you enjoy, not what you think you need to do. Try...
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    Short Term and Long Term Goals Relating To Managing Stress and Share Myself Personal Development Goal Ideas

    I like to take a holistic approach to stress management. This includes working with the body through things like exercise, yoga, deep breathing, etc. There are also stress management tools that work more directly on the mind and emotions. These involve watching our thoughts, changing negative...
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    Online mens groups??

    It's a good idea, I've been considering starting one where I live, though a lot of the information I want to share would best be communicated in person. Hmmm, an online men's group, I like the idea.
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    S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    Setting goals is crucial to getting success, the S.M.A.R.T. goals system is a very effective way for entrepreneurs, managers, and others to reach their aims. I've been using this system for complex issues in my business and getting results. I'm also staring to apply these principles to my...
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    A Guide to Insomnia and How to Deal With It

    Good information, what about the effects of screens and phones? I have found that these can negatively affect peoples sleep as well.
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    5 Keys to Self-Empowerment for New Year's Resolutions

    As New Year's approaches many of us will be making resolutions for self-improvement. Recently I have come to think of the importance of using our core strengths to become more self-empowered in our commitments. As a therapist of many years, I have also found that fear and self-doubt is what...
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    I'm curious - How do you overcome the fear of something new in your career or business?

    Great question. It helps to better understand fear if we also contemplate courage. Courage and fear are essentially opposites, and to overcome fear we need to use courage. Also related to courage are our core strengths, so to move beyond fear it helps to draw from our inner strengths, and...
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    Courage - A Virtue for Better Self-Confidence and Greater Happiness

    Virtues are behaviors that show high moral standards, and they represent some of the finest qualities and strengths of humanity. When we cultivate and live by the virtues - happiness is a natural result. The primary virtues that I write about, and of which are recognized in positive psychology...
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    How Do Empaths Protect Themselves?

    As an empath that works professionally in integrative medicine and counseling, this took me some time to figure out. When I first went into practice, I would frequently suffer from the discomforts that many of my clients were experiencing. Sometimes these were physical symptoms, other times...
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    What is one of the biggest lessons you've learned in your life ?

    Great question! One of the biggest lessons I've learned is how important it is to have caring, and loving people in our lives. Much of our happiness comes from sharing with others, and by having good communications skills, empathy, and social intelligence, we can make strong bonds with our...
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    7 Virtues for Success and Happiness - Humanity

    There are seven virtues that are essential for achieving success and happiness in life. These virtues are vital for our personal development, relationships, careers and business. The seven virtues are: courage, temperance, justice, humanity, wisdom, transcendence, and diligence. When we...
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    What makes a Relationship successful???

    Yes, I agree respect and trust go together. I think another key to successful relationships is good communication. If communication is poor, or if there are misunderstandings, respect and trust can easily get lost. For me good communication is vital to maintain everything else. It's very...