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    How Do Empaths Protect Themselves?

    I would say the best way to keep your energy in check is to be in control of your own thoughts I'm pretty empathetic myself I can damn near feel the energy of a place just by thinking about it and that can be overwhelming when I began too study the mind that helped me gain a little bit more...
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    How to form new habits, making my life more organised?

    There is one simple answer to this my friend and it starts in our mind. It sounds cheesy but the phrase mind over matter is a very true statement I went through this when I was a wrestler I was wondering why I wasn't able to place in state until I was a senior it was because I had not programmed...
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    How important is spirituality in personal development?

    This is spot on we don't have a spirit we are the spirit we have a body and that is the knowledge that we should be taught in school. The heavenly father can only do whatever we allow him to do through us based upon the limitations of our own mind. I believe that is why most successful people...
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    What is Personal Development?

    I feel you man willpower is one of our greatest powers as people I've been learning a lot about it since I was 14 because I started wrestling then, and I'm a Jiu jitsu fighter now I'm beginning to realize that mind over matter is a very true statement. Bob proctor talks about it a whole lot...
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    Self-Discipline Can Be So Difficult

    I believe that consistency is a key discipline in everything one chooses to partake in, "repetition is the mother of all learning the, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment" -Zig Ziglar Improve all your results here
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    Self-Discipline Can Be So Difficult

    This is an amazing point of view on discipline I 100% agree on that you have a bright mind sir