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    Breaking up

    That's really good advice thank you so much!!!!
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    Should i text my ex happy birthday

    We just broke up last week his birthday is on Tuesday. Last we spoke was on Friday wasnt a very good conversation there was a lot of bk and forth things kinda ended with both of us upset we were together for about 8 months I'm really hurt because I noticed he blocked me in all social media. I...
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    Breaking up

    Thank you! I appreciate your response it made me feel a little better because he was acting like I was crazy for expressing my feelings down playing the whole thing
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    Breaking up

    I just broke up with my boyfriend of about 8 months. I really liked him felt a good connection with him I met his mother and his daughter and he met my kids as well. Things seemed to be going really good. I trusted him, we live an hour away from each other so we didnt get to see each other as...