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    Giving free INTENSE TAROT readings in exchange for specific feedback etc

    Hello nice to meet you, my name is Intense Tarot. ✨ I am a psychic & self help junkie. I consider myself to have been psychic since I was born and have been obsessed with self-improvement for the past decade or so. I have just started to sell e-mail Tarot card readings. I have a passion for...

    How Do Empaths Protect Themselves?

    I second this, it's important to stick with good people who lift you up instead of drain you, and don't let anyone use you as a psychic petrol station and steal your energy.

    How can you teach a child to respect themselves?

    Make sure they have lots of different socialising opportunities and hobbies so that they don't cling onto a bad group of friends, then there will be no pressure to do bad stuff because they know there are better options out there and they can still be popular without doing drugs etc

    What is definition of happiness for you?

    Ecstasy, the feeling of not the drug lol ✨ I'm a very intense and extreme person so happinessto me isn't calm or always comfortable, I feel happiest when I lose myself in something and feel the highest of highs, I like to take other people there too. Transcendance but I tend to run people who...